Inside Bassett’s BenchMade upholstery manufacturing complex

NEWTON, N.C. – In mid-November, Tom Russell of Home News Now visited Bassett Furniture’s BenchMade upholstery plant in Newton, N.C. The 629,000-plus-square foot plant includes a 125,000 nearby leased facility that the company added to the complex in May, which produces a combination of the company’s custom and made-to-inventory stationary and modular upholstery. This freed up space in a 133,500-square-foot plant across the street, which is now dedicated production for the company’s power motion line. The move also allowed the largest building on campus, a 371,000-square-foot plant, to be dedicated to a more upper-priced line of stationary leather and fabric upholstery.

The photos below show the workers and machines that make it all happen for a custom-made line that continues to grow sales in the upholstery segment.

A woman sews fabric for the custom BenchMade power motion line
A worker affixes fabric to the back of a panel used in the power motion line
Workers affix leather to pieces as they run through the motion upholstery line
Workers apply fabric to the arms of a recliner
Chair frames are seen being assembled in the Newton, N.C. plant
The Newton, N.C. plant produces both fabric and leather power motion and stationary upholstery
A worker stuffs a chair seat with foam
Packaging is an important final step in the production process
Cut and sew operations as seen on the floor of the Newton, N.C. plant
Cut and sew operations are an important part of the custom work done at the Newton plant
A worker staples fabric to the frame of a piece of custom upholstery being made at the plant
The stationary upholstery plant produces a mix of sofas, chairs, loveseats and ottomans
A worker affixes padding to a sofa frame
This is among the examples of CNC equipment seen at the upholstery plant, which produces much of its own wood components
Here a worker operates a piece of CNC equipment that produces wood components used in the upholstery mix
More wood components are being produced at the upholstery plant
A worker checks the specs on a piece of fabric that will be used in the custom upholstery line
Thousands of yards of rolled fabric are on hand, ready to be used for custom upholstery orders
Upholstered beds are among the products produced in the Newton, N.C. upholstery plant
Here a worker is seen applying fabric to a tufted upholstered headboard

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