Millennium Tower spa adds Infinity Circadian massage chair to list of amenities

BOSTON—A high-end Infinity massage chair is now counted among the lavish amenities and conveniences arrayed for residents of Boston’s most well-known ultra-luxury condominium development, Millennium Tower. The Circadian Syner-D “L track” model was
recently installed in the building’s spa area at a cost of nearly $15,000.

“Interest in including high-end therapeutic robotic massage chairs as amenities in luxury residences like Millennium Tower has been steadily increasing over the past two years, as real estate developers seek new ways to set their properties apart,” said Michael Milone, vice president of retail sales and business development at Infinity. “Our dealers have been benefiting from the trend, which has also not been lost on the interior design community, where we are seeing increasing interest in our chairs for use in dedicated at-home workout and recovery rooms.”

The Circadian model, which retails for $14,999, was sold to Millennium Tower by health and wellness retailer David Laidman, owner of Laidback, an Infinity dealer located in Natick, Mass. Laidman said Millennium Tower’s interest in purchasing the chairs was prompted by the pandemic, when like many consumers who were suspending gym memberships and salon appointments, the building’s tenants had grown cautious about using in-person massage therapy services.

The retailer offers five Infinity massage chair models on his floor, along with a selection of accessories like massage guns, foot massagers, vibrating foam rollers and sauna blankets. At least half of the chairs he sells are typically installed in master bedrooms. Others are purchased for dedicated spa and workout spaces, such as the one located inside the Millennium Tower development, where condominiums start at $1.5 million.

“The therapeutic massage chair category, which is growing by 30 percent every year, clearly represents an opportunity for the hospitality and residential interior design community,” Milone said. “We’re seeing a massive uplift because everyone can relate to the products’

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