Lane offers cash incentives to COVID-19 vaccinated workers

Workers who have received vaccine by Aug. 18 can participate in drawings

TUPELO, Miss. – Upholstery and case goods resource Lane said it plans to offer $100,000 worth of incentives for workers who have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

The company is entering workers at its California, North Carolina, and Mississippi facilities into drawings for a share of the funds. In total, the drawings are expected to result in more than 300 winners of various amounts of $250, $500 and $1,000. One winner will receive $5,000.

Lane is offering incentives to workers at its California, Mississippi and North Carolina facilities who receive the COVID-19 vaccine

The company said it offered a round of COVID vaccinations in California last week and will offer another round at its facilities in Mississippi on Aug. 13. All vaccinated employees can take part in the drawings, as long as they offer proof of previous vaccinations or proof of having gotten at least one shot before the Aug. 18 deadline.

The company plans to notify the winners with a series of ice cream socials at its facilities on Aug. 20.

“This is a way we can say thank you to our employees who have protected themselves and others from serious illness or hospitalization by Covid-19 by getting a vaccine,” said Mike Watson, CEO. “It is also an effective way to encourage other employees who may still be considering the vaccine to go ahead and get the shot.”

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