High Point Market District and Neighborhood Identity Project set to launch this June

HIGH POINT, N.C., May 19, 2021 — The High Point Market district and its seven distinct neighborhoods in the city’s downtown area will reflect a new onsite brand identity in time for the upcoming Spring Market, June 5 – 9.

Organized by the High Point Market Authority (HPMA), the district’s 13-block footprint will be distinguished utilizing multiple communications channels, including on-street branding, wayfinding tools, neighborhood signage, art installations, and the integration of digital assets.

Resulting from a long-term strategic planning exercise with the HPMA board of directors, the primary objectives for the revitalization effort are to activate brand identity for the biannual High Point Market district-wide, and to support wayfinding within the existing neighborhood structure.

Carol Gregg, an HPMA board member and owner of High Point-based Reg Egg Furniture, is chair of the neighborhood committee, working alongside staff to develop and implement the strategy. “This new branding initiative captures the incredible energy of the furniture industry during Market,” she says. “Weaving informational and directional elements throughout the district will elevate the High Point Market experience for attendees, which reflects back to positive impacts for both our industry and local community.”

The project will be executed in a phased approach by adding signature elements to identify neighborhoods and their unique qualities each Market through the end of 2022.

Beginning in June, decorative totems will be erected at popular entrance points into the Market district, ensuring a welcome invitation to attendees. Brand messaging will be executed using street poles, pole wraps in the Transportation Terminal, and directional totems outlining buildings, services, and neighborhoods. Clean graffiti will be positioned throughout the district via a sidewalk power washing process. In subsequent phases, exterior building murals, decorative crosswalks, and other signage structures will be added.

Originally designated as eight neighborhoods, the two districts along S. Main St have been combined on all High Point Market branded maps. QR coding will be placed on signage to integrate the robust neighborhood section of the trade show website with the onsite experience. Visual cues like color coding on signage and identifying existing structures will also be used to designate the various neighborhoods. 

Charlotte-based 505 Design has been tapped by the Market Authority for this effort, offering strategic planning, design services, and onsite implementation. Execution is being coordinated with the City of High Point and building owners throughout the Market district.

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