SFC, ASID hosting What It’s Made of webinar

Five chemicals to avoid in home furnishings

HIGH POINT, N.C. —  The Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC) has partnered with the American Society of Interior Design Foundation (ASID Foundation) to produce the Sustainability Essentials webinar titled Why You Should Ask “What’s it made of?”, on Thur., Mar. 18, at noon (EST).

The webinar will focus on harm caused by five classes of chemicals the SFC dubs “the hazardous handful”. The list of top offenders used in the manufacturing of home furnishings includes volatile organic compounds (VOCs), flame retardants, highly fluorinated stain treatments, antimicrobials, and PVC, or vinyl. 

“Around one-quarter of the global burden of disease stems from environment-related risks,” says Susan Inglis, SFC executive director. “The SFC’s “What’s it made of? initiative helps consumers and industry professionals alike avoid overuse of the handful of harmful chemicals that are directly linked to harming life on our planet.”

The SFC and the ASID Foundation conducted research revealing how little interior designers know about harmful chemicals in home furnishings. In this webinar, participants will learn about the environmental and health impacts and what alternatives to look for.

With “What’s it made of?”, SFC aims to encourage transparency in furniture industry supply chains, stimulate innovation towards the elimination of hazardous ingredients, and to offer additional resources to manufacturers and suppliers.

The webinar will take place using the virtual GoToWebinar platform as part of the SFC’s Sustainability Essentials  series.

To register, sign up via the website.

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