Cilek Kids Room launches collection inspired by key principles of Montessori education

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – Cilek Kids Room, a leading Turkish juvenile furniture supplier, has recently launched its Montes Collection. Designed to embrace a child’s independence, Montes is inspired by key principles of Montessori education and combines its techniques with comfortability.

The Montes Collection, much like the Montessori classroom, is crafted to maximize learning and growth in children. Created specifically to facilitate individual learning, the collection features several bed frames, desks and storage units, such as dressers and nightstands, that allow freedom of choice, movement and interaction by giving children easy access to toys, books or clothes.

“We are inspired by the educational success the Montessori method has achieved through the careful preparation in its classrooms,” said Talha Cilek, president of Cilek Kids Room. “Its minimalistic style supports the focus on child development by giving children a space that strengthens independence and growth right at home.”

The Montes Collection is wrapped around the signature Montessori bed frame, a floor mattress featuring a house frame. Access to entering and exiting a bed independently enhances a little one’s ability to start their own days without relying on an adult to set them free. Other bed frames include a loft bed to spark your child’s creativity with a play area right under the bed.

Montes is expandable to other age groups and simply grows with the user. Each piece of furniture is carefully designed with the intent of long-term functionality. The Montes Studying Desk includes bookshelves on its side, low enough for toddlers to show interest in grabbing a book. The desk pairs perfectly with the Montes Toy Box/Puff, a storage space, chair and toy all in one. Montes wardrobes and dressers come with removable knobs that can be placed lower or higher, growing in height along with your child.

Beauty, one of Montessori’s six principles, is expressed throughout the collection. With its pastel colors and light wooden tones, the Montes environment creates an at-home feeling as well as comfortability for children to explore newfound capabilities.

Cilek Kids Room was founded in 1995 in Turkey – the heart of the Turkish furniture industry. In 2016, Cilek USA Inc. was born to expand Cilek’s roots into the United States where president Talha Cilek sees great opportunity for growth and improving its USA’s juvenile furniture segment. In 2004, the company started its Cilek Foundation to donate 10 percent of its net profit to under-privileged children. Cilek Kids Room boasts a world-renowned presence throughout 444 retail outlets across 66 countries and employs 2,000 people worldwide.

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