Bedding Industries of America debuts Eastman House Durobuilt line at April market

NORTH BRUNSWICK, N.J.  — Responding to retailers’ and consumers’ needs for more durable mattresses at the mid-tier price range, leading mattress manufacturer, Bedding Industries of America (BIA) will debut the Eastman House Durobuilt Series at the 2024 High Point Market.

The Eastman House Durobuilt Series is a 14-inch mattress that is comfortable, durable and supportive. Its construction consists of a heavy gauge 416 Bonnell 6-inch coil unit and a 4-inch center-zoned pocketed coil layer on top, offering a total 10 inches of steel and 1,025 coils for enhanced support and durability, effectively minimizing body impressions. The mattress incorporates two of BIA’s proprietary technologies: the patented Lumbar Zone quilt, and Spinal Zone patent, clinically proven to alleviate back pain by ensuring proper spinal alignment.

Available in the MyComfort configuration, referred to within the industry as the Fab Five, the mattress is offered in five distinct comfort feels: softest, soft, medium, firm and extra firm. Priced at $1,699 in queen, it effectively bridges the market demand for mid-tier priced mattresses while providing a diverse range of options that cater to various comfort preferences.

“Mattresses are a significant investment for consumers, and in today’s market, durability and comfort are paramount,” said Philip Carlitz, COO of BIA. “Our Durobuilt series prioritizes longevity with its coil-on-coil steel construction, and the foams and comfort layers contour to the body, assuring a quality night’s sleep. High-quality mattresses at affordable price points are what consumers are looking for today, making it a great addition to any retailer’s floor.”

The Eastman House Durobuilt Series will be on display at BIA’s High Point Market showroom at Crown Market Plaza (200 E. Green Dr.) on the fourth floor.

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