Flexsteel partners with Promoboxx to strengthen digital marketing for dealers

DUBUQUE, Iowa — Flexsteel is taking its local digital marketing to new heights in its partnership with Promoboxx, an innovative dealer marketing support platform.

Promoboxx is an online marketing platform that allows dealers to promote Flexsteel-approved marketing content across various social media channels, through email, dealer websites, mobile ads, and more. This partnership was formed in response to the growing demand for social media marketing support.

Flexsteel recognizes the importance of digital presence in today’s market and is committed to providing its dealers with top-notch resources. The partnership with Promoboxx introduces a platform that houses a comprehensive library of brand assets, which are essential for effective social media marketing. These assets are tailored to enhance dealer engagement with customers and boost their
online visibility.

“Over the last two to three years, Flexsteel has heavily invested in enhancing our digital content,” said Laura Smeltz, senior marketing manager at Flexsteel. “Our partnership with Promoboxx now simplifies the process for our retail partners to utilize this content, allowing them to fully benefit from our investments. Additionally, we are continuously investing in our digital content offerings. We are excited about these advancements and are committed to delivering this enriched content to our retailers in a user-friendly manner.”

Dealers will be able to share Flexsteel’s social media campaigns manually, automatically, or scheduled using Promoboxx. The campaigns will feature Flexsteel products, promotions, and other events, and will be promoted directly from the dealer’s social media accounts. Whether dealers have a significant social media presence or none, Promoboxx provides instant, personalized support to dealers. Promoboxx is available at no cost to Flexsteel dealers, ensuring that all partners have equal access to these premium marketing tools.

“We are very excited about our partnership with Flexsteel,” said Brent Delehey, chief executive officer of Promoboxx. “For 120 years Flexsteel has demonstrated its place as a thought leader in the home furnishing industry. By partnering with Promoboxx, Flexsteel further demonstrates their innovative approach to supporting their retailers by providing a digital marketing solution to lead the industry in the changing digital landscape.”

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