Moore & Giles enhances sustainability initiatives

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Moore & Giles, a leader in trade leathers and consumer leather goods, said it has achieved a new milestone in its commitment to environmental sustainability.

At the Nov. 14-16 Interwoven show, the company is releasing its carbon neutral Mont Blanc and Tribeca leathers, made possible by implementing a forward-thinking carbon offset strategy, in addition to initiatives such as electrifying its Lynchburg, Virginia, headquarters with solar energy, implementing carbon neutral shipping, and sequestering carbon by converting onsite acreage to native meadow. All of these commitments reaffirm their dedication in combating climate change.

“Moore & Giles has long been at the forefront of eco-consciousness in leather products,” the company said in a statement. “Our journey towards sustainability has led us to innovate continually and raise the bar for environmental responsibility. Today, we proudly introduce our carbon neutral products, our Mont Blanc and Tribeca leathers, a testament to our unwavering commitment to the planet.”

To reach an achievement such as a carbon neutral status for their Mont Blanc and Tribeca product lines, Moore & Giles has undertaken a comprehensive approach that includes:

1. Carbon Reduction: Moore & Giles has worked throughout its supply chain to minimize the carbon footprint of this product throughout its lifecycle. Courses of action include optimizing manufacturing processes, reducing energy consumption and minimizing waste generation.

2. Robust Carbon Offset Program: Moore & Giles has sourced high-quality carbon offsets from globally recognized and verified projects. These carbon offsets deliver real, additional, and permanent emissions reductions.

3. Third-Party Verification: To ensure transparency and accountability, Moore & Giles engaged an independent third-party organization to measure the carbon impact for the products they market through a verified Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Product Declaration. Verification of the carbon offsets ensures the emissions are measured and accounted for properly, and accounts for the credibility and quality of the avoided emissions.

4. Ongoing Sustainability Commitment: Achieving carbon neutrality for the Mont Blanc and Tribeca leathers is part of Moore & Giles’s broader commitment to sustainability. The company will continue to explore innovative ways to reduce emissions and minimize its environmental footprint across all operations.

“Moore & Giles is deeply committed to environmental stewardship and understands the importance of reducing our carbon impact,” says Beverly McAuley, senior director, sustainability and education at Moore & Giles. “In combination with our internal initiatives, innovative plant-based tanning methods, and stringent third-party certifications, adding the achievement of carbon neutral leather to our portfolio of sustainable attributes is a testament to our dedication to creating a sustainable future.”

At Interwoven, the company is showing its Mont Blanc and Tribeca product lines as well as other new leathers at its showroom in suite 2060 of Market Square Tower.

For more information on Moore & Giles’s carbon neutrality journey, please visit or contact Beverly McAuley, LFA, at 913-553-0962 or at

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