Ruby Home research reveals popular design trends based on Instagram searches

Farmhouse styling was the most popular style category, followed by neutral designs, shabby chic and terrazzo

HIGH POINT — Luxury real estate firm Ruby Home has identified some popular design trends based on searches on Instagram.

The results may validate the style directions that some companies have taken of late, while offering some alternative design directions to others.

According to the research, completed earlier this summer, farmhouse styling was the most popular trend on Instagram with more than 4.8 million posts. It was followed by rustic styling with 4.65 million posts featuring several popular hashtags, including #rusticdecor, #rustichome and #rusticinterior.

Neutral designs and color palettes came in third with 2.9 million posts reflecting consumers’ interest in beige, white and gray tones with shades of light brown. It was followed by hygge, with nearly 2.4 million posts related to the design trend that originated in Denmark and that highlights comfortable, casual living.

Shabby chic, a design trend popular in the early 2000s, ranked at No. 5 with 2.37 million posts, reflecting consumers’ interest in vintage furniture mixed with modern forms that feature worn and distressed finishes and color palettes. Some of the most popular hashtags here included #shabbychicdecor, #shabbychichome and #shabbychicinterior.

Terrazzo, which alludes to small pieces of stone, glass, ceramic and marble bound together with cement to be used in flooring materials, came in at No. 6 with 1.06 million posts. Often featuring a smooth, polished finish, this look also can be found on backsplashes and embedded in the surfaces of wood tables and even wooden headboards. Popular hashtags associated with this trend included #terrazzo, #terrazzodesign and #terrazzodecor.

It was followed by minimalist at No. 7 with 1.01 million Instagram posts, which featured hashtags including #minimalistinterior, #minimalistdecor and #minimalisthome.

Midcentury modern ranked at No. 8 with 923,381 posts, followed by industrial with 881,816 posts featuring hashtags such as #industrialdecor, #industrialinterior and #industrialhome. This look often combines iron accents in dark black or gray tones combined with stone and wood in distressed finishes.

The No. 10 most popular trend was black interiors, with 325,518 Instagram posts. In the furniture realm, it relates to the use of black finishes either as a two-tone look or a completely black finish that contrasts with other pieces in the room.

Ruby Home said that the findings illustrate how Instagram continues to be a useful platform for inspiration and to also see how other people are decorating their homes.

“These findings show us that despite how often trends change, staple interior trends remain popular on Instagram. It will be interesting to see how much of an influence platforms like Instagram and TikTok ultimately have on the longevity and popularity of interior design choices.”

Obviously, we continue to see a variety of these looks in showrooms at market and even in some retail stores. But without hard data, its not always clear what’s doing well and what isn’t.

On that note, we would love to hear from you. How does this compare with looks that are selling in your line or on your sales floor? Feel free to comment in the link below or by reaching out to Tom Russell, editor-in-chief of Home News Now at  

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