Raffi Holzer, Edward Lando team up with Venus Williams to launch AI-powered design platform

NEW YORK CITY, Feb. 29, 2024 — Today, Raffi Holzer and Edward Lando, alongside tennis champion and entrepreneur Venus Williams, announce the launch of Palazzo. This innovative platform offers tailored interior design solutions that cater to individual preferences and transform creative ideas into reality. 

Palazzo represents a significant advancement in interior design, harnessing AI technology to understand users’ design preferences and aesthetic tastes. By analyzing user input, Palazzo curates a selection of design ideas and finishes that align with users’ visions.

“Interior design has been a passion of mine since I was a teenager and is a craft that I have honed over the last twenty-one years, so the launch of Palazzo as one of my new ventures in the space is incredibly meaningful to me,” said Venus Williams, Palazzo co-founder. “Our goal is to provide design enthusiasts, like myself, with a community that drives design, collaboration, connection, and growth. To create a more accessible platform where imagining designs is easy and communicating them is effortless.”

One of the main features of Palazzo is Vinci, the platform’s AI powered design assistant. Utilizing the latest in generative AI, Vinci engages with users to find out what they are looking for in terms of colors, design styles, and more to give them a possible design for their space. Palazzo is unlike other AI-driven platforms in that design fanatics will now be able to upload photos of their actual spaces and leverage Vinci’s capabilities to provide customized designs for those rooms. As users work with Vinci more, he also learns their style aesthetics and can get closer to their desired outcomes, helping drive forward specific designs and products.

Other key features of Palazzo include:

+ Style Transfer: Users can upload an inspiration photo and update their room to match its style.

+ Segmentation: Users will be able to edit only specific parts of an image (a couch, the walls, etc.) without changing the things they already love. 

+ Aesthetic DNA: Users will have access to the platform’s custom style quiz so they can define their taste and get a custom-made design style that feels unique to them. Vinci will then take users’ Aesthetic DNA into consideration when creating new designs. 

+ Explore: A feed of generations and other content from the Palazzo community will be the digital heartbeat of the platform for users to browse. 

+ User Profiles: The creation of profiles will enable users to follow and engage with other members of the community, including designers and influencers. 

+ Referral Program: Get 5 tokens (good for 5 free generations) for every user that is referred to the platform and signs up.

“Palazzo bridges the gap between design and personalization, offering users a seamless experience to explore endless customized possibilities for their spaces,” said Raffi Holzer, Palazzo co-founder. “The platform allows users to transform inspiration photos into cohesive designs, engage with other design enthusiasts, and create unique, aesthetically pleasing spaces easier than ever before.”

Palazzo will drive transformative progress of interior design concepts beyond its use of cutting-edge AI technology, reaching a diverse set of users who all share a passion for turning space visions into reality. Those who join the Palazzo community will reap the benefits of the platform’s other capabilities beyond Vinci, such as access to multiple inspiration photos that can be combined into a cohesive design, the ability to try out options for individual pieces or finishes in actual user spaces, and real-time feedback from other users on design ideas.

“Palazzo isn’t just about creating aesthetically pleasing spaces, it’s about transforming someone’s space to reflect who they are and the stories they want to tell,” said Edward Lando, Palazzo co-founder. “We’re here to bring those stories to life, crafting spaces that are as unique and personal as the people they represent.”

Users will be equipped with the tools they need to reimagine their spaces at launch, but Palazzo is already developing additional features that will be revealed throughout this year. In addition to unveiling new features of the platform, Palazzo will also collaborate with notable interior design icons to continue redefining interior design approaches. 

To learn more about Palazzo, its current offerings, and what’s to come, visit www.palazzo.ai.

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