Breaking News: Klaussner abruptly ends health care benefits for employees

Company originally informed workers that their benefits would continue through the end of the month

ASHEBORO, N.C. — The hits just keep coming for the nearly 900 employees terminated without notice by Klaussner Furniture on Aug. 7.

After previously assuring the displaced workers that their benefits would remain in place until the end of the month, the company sent a memo dated Aug. 24 from David Cybulski, president and chief executive officer, informing them that their benefits were ending that same day.

Home News Now obtained a copy of that email that informed former employees that, “Klaussner had anticipated maintaining the Employee Benefits Plan through Aug. 31, 2023. However, because we remain unable to secure necessary funding, the company must now advise you that the Employee Benefits Plan has terminated effective Aug. 24, 2023, and you will no longer have coverage under the Employee Benefits Plan after Aug. 24, 2023.”

Regarding benefit options for the former workers, the memo said, “As of Aug. 25, 2023, you will have the option to enroll in the federal Health Insurance Marketplace. Instructions for the Health Insurance Marketplace can be found online at: We have also identified below several brokers that may be able to assist you in navigating a solution best for your personal circumstances.

“We understand that this presents another unexpected development in this already difficult situation. We encourage you to promptly explore health insurance alternatives for yourself and your family.”

Home News Now was told that some employees, not realizing the email had been sent out, learned their benefits had been terminated by their health care providers when they attempted to schedule appointments to receive health care.

One angry former employee told Home News Now, “There are no heroes in Klaussner’s corporate office. First, on Aug. 7, we learned that very day that we no longer had jobs. But the company said we would have our benefits till the end of the month. Now, we get this notice that our benefits are gone just as abruptly as our jobs were. No one got a thank you for our hard work or for our years of loyal service to the company.

“Nobody with any authority had the courage or the decency to say anything to us face to face. The way they’ve handled this whole thing has been a disgrace,” the employee added.

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