Dealers say DreamFit provides solutions for adjustable beds and leads to repeat sales

CULLMAN, Alabama—As adjustable sleep systems continue to grow in popularity, retailers are increasingly relying on DreamFit’s patented sheets and mattress protectors to improve customer satisfaction and reduce comfort returns.

“Without specially designed bedding, adjustable beds do not perform optimally,” said Chris Taheny, senior vice president of sales at DreamFit. “We routinely hear about consumer complaints of sheets popping off adjustable mattresses at a higher frequency than flat mattresses. This is an issue retailers don’t want or need when their customer is willing to commit to the higher price points inherent in the adjustable sleep category.”

Indeed, he noted, “As adjustable bases become a standardized option, new and legacy retail partners are telling us that our bedding solutions reduce customer complaints and returns, with the added benefit of generating repeat and referral business as consumers return to the store to purchase additional sheets. This makes a crucial difference during times when retailers are seeing reductions in store traffic.” 

DreamFit offers an extensive collection of specialty sheet sizes and mattress protectors designed for adjustable beds, and can also accommodate split-head mattresses, a growing category. Fitted sheets feature patented 1.5” elastic corner bands that are 20 times stronger and up to six times wider than other brands, ensuring DreamFit sheets will not pop off when a bed is raised or lowered.

The high-quality sheets sets are available in Enhanced Bamboo™, 100-percent Egyptian Cotton, 100-percent Pima Cotton and 100-percent Long-Staple Cotton, for superior comfort that complements the sheets’ functionality and dependability.

“Fifteen years ago, we couldn’t sell a sheet to save our lives,” said Nelson Bercier, president of the Sit ‘N Sleep chain based in Gardena, CA. “Our business has grown 20-fold since then and DreamFit is a big component of our profitability and increase in average ticket. With the vast increase in adjustable bases, they really are the standard.”

“DreamFit has set a new standard in sheets in the adjustable and flex-head mattress category,” said Jeff Giagnocavo, co-owner of Gardner’s Mattress and More, a retailer that has featured the line for 12 years, and trademarked the term, “Less Snore More Cuddle Sleep Systems™” to describe split-head beds.

“They have defined quality in the category and set expectations for fit. No customer who purchases them is going to come back to our store complaining that their sheets pop off. Rather, they return to purchase additional sets. That’s the reason we’re committing to deeper stock with DreamFit this year because we’ve learned that when folks do come back for more, they don’t want to wait. They want to satiate that desire to spend another $150 to $200, and it’s rare for a brick-and-mortar store to have a program that ensures customers do that routinely,” he added.

 “DreamFit is a very good partner, the sheets have a very nice hand, they’re very durable and they launder well,” said Kristen Hastings, corporate marketing director at Original Mattress Factory based in Cleveland, Ohio, with more than 100 showrooms. “But to me their true differentiator are the patented no-slip corner bands on the fitted sheets because they do a great job at keeping the fitted sheet in place when you move.” 

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