Therapedic International to debut V-Coil technology at Las Vegas Market

PRINCETON, N.J. (Dec. 21, 2022) – The V-Coil® pocketed coil unit will make its worldwide debut at Therapedic International during the upcoming Las Vegas Market, Jan. 29-Feb. 1, 2023.

This latest in mattress coil technology will be featured in two of Therapedic’s mattress lines, including the new Sustaina™ collection that offers a sustainable story, also making its premiere appearance in the Therapedic showroom, B-946.

Using patented V-Coil technology, the innovative new pocketed coil unit was engineered with a more efficient use of steel than other units on the market, allowing for better airflow, higher load capacity, and overall lower product weight, according to officials of Future Coil which holds worldwide rights to the V-Coil technology.

The unit is comprised of individually pocketed V-shape coils positioned at an angle, providing multiple benefits for the end-consumer, retailer and manufacturer.

“We’ve designed a highly supportive and durable wrapped pocketed coil system that is uniquely configured with both V-shaped and traditional pocketed springs,” Chad Antinori, general manager of Future Coil. “In factory tests the V-Coil products performed either better or identical to traditional pocketed units with higher coil counts.”

Therapedic President/CEO Gerry Borreggine believes the key to V-Coil’s performance is its efficient design and use of steel, resulting in a mattress with greater conformability and support that uses less wire.

“Our extensive testing shows that the combination of the V-shape coils and their angled position allow the V-Coil unit to articulate 38% better than traditional pocketed coil units,” said Antinori.

That better articulation provides two added benefits for consumers and retailers. When used with an adjustable base, the gap between the mattress and the base is significantly reduced. The other benefit is its compatibility with roll-packing. Its lighter weight also provides ease in packaging, transport, and inventory storage.

“We are excited to show something that will be good for retail and good for our planet with our new consciously sustainable mattress that we’ll reveal next month,” said Borreggine.

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