Woodbrook Designs owner Terry Seitz updates plans for High Point property

Former High Point Haworth plant originally planned for warehouse and showroom space will now be used exclusively as a warehouse

HIGH POINT — Woodbrook Designs owner Terry Seitz has changed plans for a property he owns at 1673 W. English Road to be used exclusively as a warehouse.

Originally, he said, the plan was to use the nearly 60,000 square feet available in the building as both a showroom and a warehouse.

Terry Seitz at his 812 Millis St. building in High Point

However, because of zoning stipulations that would have required him to rezone the property if he used part of it as a showroom, he decided to use it exclusively as a warehouse.

The property in question once produced seating for Haworth Inc. roughly between 1991 and early 2021, when Haworth announced it was closing the plant.

Seitz said the plan is to initially use about 28,000 square feet on the first floor of the building to warehouse products for both Woodbrook and tenants of his showroom building at 812 Millis St. in High Point, which is about 500 yards away from the former Haworth building. A number of those tenants, he said, have expressed interest in warehousing product in the building.

In the future, Seitz said he could possibly use the second floor for smaller items that are not as heavy and thus do not require as much effort handling.

Woodbrook currently uses warehouse space at a former Myrtle Desk plant at 718 W. Green Drive in High Point, but after selling that facility in June 2023, he expects to shift his warehouse operations to the property on West English.

“It will not only replace it, but give me a whole lot more space,” he said. “It is over 57,000 square feet. That is a big enough warehouse for me.”

Such a facility could handle products for large and smaller dealers alike, allowing them to pull product as needed. While much of Woodbrook Designs products are one-of-a-kind pieces, it also ships containers with multiple orders of the same or similar pieces.

As the project requires certain approvals and permits from the city of High Point, a timeline has not been set for the upfitting of the new warehouse. Home News Now will provide updates as newsworthy developments arise.

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