Letter to the editor: Political discussions a toxic mixture in business

Few would argue that our nation is divided in a manner not witnessed in many decades. This was true even prior to the added pressures of inflation and rising interest rates. Everyone seems to have an opinion, and increasingly people are becoming more vocal in sharing their opinion to whomever will listen.

Jack DeBonis

What does this mean for sales management and salespeople in a retail environment? In no uncertain terms, political discussion of any type must be avoided at all cost. Being on the philosophical side of your customer means you would have been successful anyway, and expressing a contrary view can often cost you the sale.

The best thing to do is avoid the subject entirely. Simply do what the politicians do. Ignore and evade the discussion. In the unlikely event someone asks you which side you’re on, simply express the sentiment that you are very respectful and appreciative of the time they are spending in your store and it’s your job to help them find the best possible products to help make their home as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

People are stressed. Not only with the adversarial political climate, but with inflationary pressures and a resurgence of Covid. Let’s not forget fears of armed conflict, food and fuel shortages etc…The list of stressors is almost limitless.

Being in home furnishings sales, you have the unique ability to help your customers relax in a more inviting environment and escape daily pressures. Let others wring their hands over these issues. Take pride in the fact that only you can make their home a true sanctuary in the face of a very scary world.

Jack DeBonis

CEO Eurosleep USA LLCEuropean Sourcing Services

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