Diamond Mattress and Technogel partner on gel tech beds

RANCHO DOMINGUEZ, Calif. (July 19, 2022) – Diamond Mattress will highlight its new manufacturing partnership with the world’s leading gel products maker Technogel at Las Vegas Market. Diamond will showcase the Technogel mattress lineup in its new showroom at B-975.

With two manufacturing campuses in Los Angeles and Fort Worth, Diamond Mattress will begin producing the Technogel mattresses in the Southern California factory this summer with plans to expand to the Texas plant as needed.

“The partnership with Technogel fits our vision and long-term growth plans to bring innovative products to the marketplace with high retail value and margins, whether it’s through our in-house design or through like-minded partners,” said Shaun Pennington, Diamond Mattress CEO. “Technogel has applications in sports, furniture, engineering, and art. That’s the kind of big idea and thinking that align with Diamond.”

The Technogel mattress lineup includes four models that offer distinct soft to firm feels with conforming support and comfort through a combination of adaptive gel technology with zoned cushioning, memory foam and latex.

Technogel is a medical-grade soft-solid material that adjusts and contours to the sleeper’s body thanks to its 3D conformability, alleviating pressure and promoting proper spinal alignment for deeper sleep. It also has a high thermal capacity to help disperse body heat, coupled with an innovative tower grid design that promotes ventilation.

In addition to the four Technogel mattresses, the cooling gel technology will be featured in Diamond’s Cloudtech with Technogel collection that launched at Sit ‘N Sleep in the spring. The debut at the 37-store chain was a resounding success for both companies and continues to be a strong performer for the mattress retail giant, said Diamond officials.

Diamond Mattress will debut the Technogel mattresses July 24-28 in its expanded showroom B-975 of the World Market Center.

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