Century, Intiaro partner on 3D product visualizer, configurator

GREENSBORO, N.C. – High-end furniture manufacturer Century Furniture has partnered with Intiaro to launch an updated and customized version of the tech company’s 3D product visualizer and configurator tool on Century’s website.

Intiaro’s 360 Advanced Configurator debuted at the April High Point Market with Century’s Cornerstone upholstery program, the core of the manufacturer’s upholstery business. The tool simplifies the process of configuring and visualizing highly customizable furniture such as the Cornerstone series. According to Intiaro, it also significantly reduces errors in ordering, improves return rates, and makes RSA product training quicker and easier.

Now live on the Century website, the tool will soon be available to more than 150 retailers.

The visulaizer tool “helps keep Century at the forefront of product visualization for our best-selling upholstery program,” Guy Holbrook, Century’s executive vice president of sales and marketing, said in a release. “Our partners — retailers and interior designers — and their customers need robust tools to help make complex products more easily understandable. It also helps us train and tether our partners and their customers to our brand. It makes us ‘sticky,’ and that’s powerful.”

The tool offers high-quality models and photorealistic visualization that elevate the customer experience, said Michal Stachowski, Intiaro chief visual officer. It allows every option of any highly customizable program to be selected and previewed by all parties — the manufacturer, interior designer or retailer, and the end-consumer.

“Prior to Intiaro, we relied on catalog and tear sheets to try and convey the options sets,” said Comer Wear, Century’s vice president of marketing, adding, Intiaro has provided “an interactive, engaging and intuitive solution.”

The tool includes a price configurator feature, enabling a faster, smoother process to order and close the sale with higher level of accuracy and overall satisfaction. It also can produce a high-quality rendering of the furniture for the consumer to take home.

Holbrook said the visualizer is easy to use for its sales force and that Intiaro provides dedicated training to ensure that appropriate materials are developed for a successful launch of the technology.

Stachowski said the launch “is the result of almost two years of commitment and dedicated collaboration with Century’s teams in product development, web development, and sales and marketing.”

Resources including Ethan Allen, Lexington Home Brands, Century, Norwalk, Rowe and Kravet, Durham and Paul Robert are among those that have invested in Intiaro’s technology. “As a result, they have been able to increase sales through partners integrating the 3D technology, reduce return rates, replace traditional photography, and enhance the customer experience online and in-store,” Intiaro said.

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