On Being Your Best: Life’s natural rhythm

Life has a natural rhythm. We are born, we die. We win, we lose. There is high tide, there is low tide. There is hot, there is cold. There is dry, there is wet. There is growth, there is decline. There is happy, there is sad. There is fast, there is slow. There is hard, there is soft.  There is busy, there is lazy. There is tragedy, there is serendipity. There is loud, there is quiet.  And then there is everything in between.  Life’s natural rhythm is constant change.  

This change, this rhythm creates contrast. Contrast provides understanding. How can we know what it really feels like to win without having lost? How can we know strength without feeling weakness? We need life’s rhythm to better understand it, to better appreciate it and so ourselves.  

Life’s rhythm is with us always. It is bigger than us. The how and why of it is beyond our understanding. Accepting and embracing life’s rhythm as it is, and not trying to mold it, force it into something it is not, brings forth our best. Doing otherwise, brings on the Noise.  

Trying to dominate, to control life’s natural rhythm brings failure, frustration and results that fall short. It fills us with Noise as we run uphill picking fights with what’s natural, creating resistance all the way. This takes incredible energy and effort that could be better spent focused on the situation as it really is, with a clear, uncluttered mind, rather than trying to make it into something it is not. Blaming someone or something does not solve the problem. Rationalizing reality away does not solve the problem. Pouting, feeling sorry for oneself provides no answers. Distorting the result means less learning takes place. Time is much better spent accepting and embracing what is, with an undistracted, Noise-Free mind so that the best solution surfaces — so that we can Be Our Best.

So often we try to control and know life’s natural rhythm because of our own insecurities. We judge ourselves only by results. So, when things go awry as they inevitably will, we think less of ourselves. Our self-worth follows the ups and downs of life’s natural rhythm rather than holding steady through whatever it brings.  

Our anchor, our foundation in life is comfort in who we really are. Knowing who we really are, trusting oneself, being the kind of person we really want to be, insulates our self-worth and brings perspective to life’s rhythmic ups and downs. This leaves us equipped to handle whatever life brings for we are Being Our Best, free of the Noise and filled with all that we are.  

Like life, we each have our own natural rhythm. When we are being who we really are, Being Our Best, our natural rhythm is in sync with life’s. We accept and embrace the highs and lows together. We make the most of each moment whether we win, lose or draw. We overcome the challenges, we become stronger, we become better, and we enjoy the wonders that life offers accepting that this is the way life works. We accept that as painful as life can be, it still works, there is a natural rhythm. Believing otherwise puts us at odds with a force much bigger, much more powerful than we will ever be.

Reflecting on what has transpired in my life amazes me. I have overcome, I have dealt with so much, as have we all. In each instance, I wonder if I had known beforehand what lie in store if I would have made it through. The fact is I did, and I am stronger and better for it.  

Trusting in oneself and life’s natural rhythm smooths our path forward. We are Being Our Best.  We are accepting and embracing life as it is.   We are Stopping the Noise. We are achieving what life is all about, with a clarity of mind that brings forth our best in each moment.  We are being who we really are, our natural rhythm, and so one with life’s.  

Stop the Noise. Be Your Best.

More to come.

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