Diamond Mattress boosts capacity 50% with Texas integration

FORT WORTH, Texas — Omnichannel sleep brand Diamond Mattress has completed the integration of three manufacturing systems under one roof at its Texas plant, increasing production capacity by 50 percent.

The 200,000-square-foot facility currently is producing a large volume of mattresses for delivery to the surrounding area in addition to producing and drop shipping a high volume in futon mattresses. Production capacity is expected to increase substantially next year with the addition of a new compression machine in the first quarter of 2022.

“With the streamlining of production lines and the transition to a smoother manufacturing and delivery process, we’ve boosted production and created 16 new delivery routes to serve retail partners in Texas and Oklahoma,” said Martin Romero, vice president of manufacturing.

Diamond also added a 2,700-square-foot showroom to feature new and top-selling products, and the company recently hosted an open house there to a select group of customers.

Through two acquisitions of residential and contract bedding brands over the past two years, Diamond has made significant capital investments totaling more than $15 million, including relocation and integration of manufacturing in Fort Worth.

“Our progress has been tremendous, but we are not done by any measure because the continued growth of our retail partnerships directs our positive trajectory,” said Diamond President Shaun Pennington.

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