Geniemode offers industry technology based sourcing model

HIGH POINT – A new technology based company that sources furniture textiles and apparel from India and surrounding countries is looking to make waves in the U.S. market as demand for durable goods such as furniture continues.

For furniture retailers, this could mean a more steady and reliable flow of goods available both from  warehouse and container direct.

Geniemode Global aims to offer a wide mix of case goods and upholstery as well as lighting, accent furniture and even outdoor furniture from factories throughout the region.

According to company President Amit Sharma, the company aims to solve supply chain challenges for U.S. buyers through the use of an “advanced technology program and innovative communication system” that offers real-time information on the production and shipment of goods from various factories.

“Our platform facilitates hassle-free global sourcing in furniture, home textiles, home décor, apparel and accessories,” he noted.

The company also has hired furniture industry veteran Bill Cubberley as director, North American furniture operations. It’s his job to help build a sales force and connect the company with retailers and other customers in the U.S. market.

Cubberley told Home News Now that he is filling positions for 15 sales territories across the country. Thus far he has filled more than half the positions and looks to fill the remaining slots by the spring of 2022.

In addition to shipping product directly to their doors or warehouses container direct, Geniemode is opening its own distribution with a planned presence on the East and West Coast.

Cubberley said the company is looking to establish its distribution by the first of the year. It will stock from 60 to 100 SKUs initially, a relatively small portion of the types of goods it is showing in its new catalog. There will be more items added to the warehouses over time, featuring different mixes in each facility to satisfy the style preferences of each region. The product is expected to hit retail sometime in January 2022.

“Probably the assortment for the West Coast will be different than the assortment for the East Coast,” he said, noting that the line will cover mid to upper price points.  

Cubberley also is performing a critical role of helping develop product that meets the quality standards retailers, designers and consumers all have come to expect and demand, regardless of the logistical challenges that persist in the global sourcing marketplace.

“The reason I joined them is because I think it is needed in the industry,” Cubberley said of the sourcing platform Geniemode presents to OEM customers and retailers looking to buy container direct or from the domestic warehouse. “Furniture distribution is where I am basically going to help them get started here in America…We can source it, we can set the standards and we can set the quality. I want to make sure without question that we have upper end standards.”

“That has been my biggest concern and it should be the concern of all retailers,” Cubberley added of the need for high quality standards. “If you are going to buy from anywhere, you have to make sure your first sale isn’t your last sale – your first sale has to be great.”

To learn more about the Geniemode model and line, email Cubberley at or Amit Sharma at

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