An inside look at Baker’s case goods plant

HILDEBRAN, N.C. – Recently Home News Now got to visit Baker Interiors Group’s 700,000-square-foot case goods plant here. The tour offered a first-hand look at the transformation Baker has made from a made to inventory-centric model towards more of a made-to-order business that produces only sold goods.

While there is some wood processing that takes place through the use of highly sophisticated CNC equipment, much of the work is done by the facility’s estimated 100 workers, who produce goods in custom finishes and custom sizes. Their work in this “designers’ workroom” is mostly done by hand, creating a sense of craftsmanship and value that is part of the company’s long-time legacy.

Below are photos taken during the tour that show some of the people and processes that make it all happen.

Above is a view of the outside of Baker’s 700,000-square-foot case goods plant in Hildebran, N.C. that employs about 100 workers.
A worker is shown buffing the frame of a wood accent chair. This is part of the hands-on work still done at the North Carolina case goods plant.
Chris Caraway, Baker vice president, manufacturing, shows a spec sheet for bed posts that will be made at the plant.
Seating frames are also assembled at the plant as seen in this image.
These chairs, part of the McGuire line, are heading towards a finishing booth where they will receive a painted finish.
A worker undertakes the labor intensive process of applying a gold leaf finish to a chair frame.
Chris Caraway, vice president, manufacturing shows a gold leaf finish that has been applied as an accent finish on a Chinoiserie-inspired console.
The Harmony credenza is part of the Baker Luxe collection. It features vertical scalloped detail on the front and sides and Selenite inserts.
This worker is finishing a chair frame at the Hildebran plant. It is another example of the handwork that goes into the finished product.
This specialty fabric is going on the backs of 24 chairs that accompany a 32-foot long dining table.
Here is the same fabric shown on the backs of the dining chairs.
The Enzo lounge chairs are part of the Baker Luxe collection. The chair frame is shown in a Bronze finish.

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