A closer look at Riverside’s new showroom

HIGH POINT – In June, Riverside Furniture occupied its new showroom at 401 S. Main St., a former YMCA building that was converted into permanent showroom and office space for the Fort Smith, Ark.-based case goods importer.

But as some construction was still underway at that time, most industry buyers will not get to see the completed renovation until the Oct. 16-20 High Point Market.

In addition to showroom space, the 70,000-square-foot, four-story building houses product development areas and offices for company administrative and executive staff. It also houses an indoor dining room and outdoor dining and entertainment area, a gym for staff and guests, a racquet ball court and a bullpen for company sales representatives.

Many areas of the building were left intact to celebrate the history of the building. This includes the original basketball court and a pool that can be seen through individual glass panels beneath the floor of a part of the showroom that showcases casual dining.

The restored building has come on line as part of the company’s 75th anniversary this year. At around 5 p.m. on Sunday of the October Market, the company is holding a party to continue its celebration of the anniversary and the completion of the building.

Below is a glimpse of the completed facility.

riverside exterior wrenn entrance
This is a view of the exterior of the new Riverside showroom at 401 S. Main St. as seen from the Wrenn Street entrance.
Riverside front lobby

Inside the front lobby showing some of the activities held at the facility in years past, including basketball tournaments.
more lobby images

These images also are in the lobby, showing a glimpse of Riverside Furniture’s past, as well as former and current executives including company CEO Fred Henjes seen at right.
basketball court

The company left the original basketball court intact, including the solid wood floors.
wrenn street entrance

This is the outside of the building as seen from the Wrenn Street entrance.
Riverside dining room

The dining room for lunches and cocktail parties is on the top floor of the building.
dining and entertainment

This is the outdoor dining and entertainment area, also on the top floor of the building. It offers an extensive view of downtown High Point.
Riverside bedrooms

These bedrooms are seen in the showroom area, which also showcases dining, home office and occasional furniture.
riverside from top floor

The top floor overlooks the lobby area of the building.
latest dining intros

This area of the showroom features some of the company’s latest dining introductions.
riverside casual dining

This part of the showroom shows some of the company’s casual dining collections. It is in an area of the building that housed the original pool.
riverside pool

The original pool can be seen lit up below, through individual glass windows.
riverside gym

The company added a gym for guests to use during their visits whether during or in between markets.
riverside bedroom and dining

Another area of the showroom displays some of the company’s popular bedroom and dining room furniture.


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