Pleasant Mattress completes rebranding of luxury McRoskey brand for national debut

FRESNO, Calif. – Independent mattress manufacturer, Pleasant Mattress has completed a re-branding of its  McRoskey mattress brand as it prepares for the nationwide rollout of the premium line beyond its San Francisco roots.

The McRoskey Modern

The re-branding includes two new cover patterns and elements designed to stand out on the retail floor as “an instantly recognizable, elite brand for the luxury mattress market,” the company said. The initiative precedes the brand’s first national placement in the original McRoskey San Francisco flagship retail store where it first debuted more than 100 years ago.

“McRoskey is an unrivaled American-made, premium-quality line of mattresses with a rich heritage for which we have aggressive plans to expand to select, high-quality retailers throughout the country,” Pleasant Mattress CEO Rion Morgenstern, said in a release. He added the new design “further elevates its look – while paying homage to its roots  with meticulous attention to detail in its cover design, tufting and labeling.”

An upscale visual aesthetic was designed to set the line apart from other luxury brands, particularly those made abroad.

Robin Azevedo, third generation McRoskey family member and owner of the flagship McRoskey retail store will be the first retailer to floor the new model in its showroom.

The new look was created through a partnership with fabric experts from the top premier global mills in the U.S. The refined ticking is a proprietary pattern that the company said aligns perfectly on every mattress to maintain a standard of excellence for which the brand stands. The two fabrics include Framing Fog and Timeless Tartan, each in soothing shades of blue gray with symmetrical patterns. Each mattress also includes tufted rosettes, flat matte black border airlets and eight handles that blend into the iconic pattern.

“When we created the ticking, we sought to create designs that were authentic and true to McRoskey’s San Francisco roots, offering a genuine story for retail sales associates,” said Niki Weber, chief brand officer of Pleasant Mattress. “Framing Fog was inspired by those cozy days in San Fran when the sun gives way to the calming blanket of a slow-moving marine layer. The fabric pattern mimics the soft shadow play so reflective of these foggy days all framed through the perspective of classic Victorian windows, and the blue gray Tartan pattern is as timeless as the Bay area itself. This story-driven branding approach is key to the success of a high-end mattress because luxury consumers are drawn to the narrative behind the products they purchase.” 

Today’s offerings include the Modern and the Classic collections. Modern features all-natural construction and is built on a proprietarily designed pocketed-coil system. Classic is constructed with the McRoskey open-coil system. Each collection is paired with a box-spring available in six-, eight- and 11-inch heights. The Modern collection consists of four models: Pacific Heights, Cole Valley, Hayes Valley and Sunset, each available in gentle or firm comforts. The Classic collection consists of one model, Mission, available in gentle or firm comforts.

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