Mattress Weirdo, Bedhead Marketing

Job Title: Mattress Weirdo

Company: Bedhead Marketing

Location: Remote

Description: This is a full-time remote role for a new Mattress Weirdo teammate to join Bedheads’ dynamic team. As a Mattress Weirdo at Bedhead Marketing, your day-to-day tasks will involve strategizing, developing, and executing high-performing marketing campaigns and training modules for our clients in the mattress/furniture industry. You will work closely with our design team and product experts to create compelling graphics and visuals that effectively communicate our client’s brand messaging.

Your role can also involve helping run social media campaigns, managing email marketing, and optimizing digital ads to drive engagement and success. If you have a passion for the mattress/furniture industry and a creative mindset, this role may be for you. We are open to meet all types of candidates that could help us service this industry better.


  • Strong understanding of marketing principles and strategies and/or learning and development skills
  • Experience in creating compelling visual content and copy
  • Skills in creating pressentation decks
  • Talents in social media management, email marketing, and digital advertising
  • Knowledge of the mattress/furniture industry and its unique marketing and training challenges
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills

Read the full job listing for more information.

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