Nice Link gains dedicated capacity for its Vietnam-made upholstery line

Shing Mark will produce occasional line with coordinating wood finishes in nearby plant

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam — Upholstery manufacturer Nice Link Home Furnishings now has 200,000 square feet of dedicated production for its Vietnamese-made upholstery line that the company said doubles its production capacity for stationary and motion furniture produced in Vietnam.

When the company launched its Vietnamese line last year, it was produced in a plant owned and operated by manufacturer Shing Mark. Nice Link is also leasing its new manufacturing space from Shing Mark, but the difference is that it is a separate facility on the same campus with 10 production lines and the ability to produce 300 containers per month, double the previous capacity.

Production is expected to begin in May. However, the new facility already has produced 23 collections of leather and fabric upholstery the company is showing at the April High Point Market. A stationary wood-base sectional produced in the facility is expected to retail around $1,999 in fabric and $2,999 in leather. A stationary three-over-three-seat sofa in fabric would retail around $699 while a leather version would retail from $999 to $1,199.

The 4282 Grandview motion leather sectional is made in Vietnam and retails from $3,999 to $4,299 for seven pieces, including two consoles.

A motion double power sofa produced in the facility would retail around $1,399 while a fabric version would retail from $999 to $1,099.

The groups feature wood trim and accents that coordinate with occasional pieces that Shing Mark is also producing for Nice Link. At market, it is offering 15 curated collections that work together with the Vietnamese-made sofa and sectional groupings. The occasional groups also feature mixed-media elements such as terrazzo and white marble tops that add a decorative element to the mix.

As the two facilities are part of the same campus, the manufacturing facilities can coordinate wood finishes on the occasional tables and the wood-trim upholstery, creating an opportunity for retailers to showcase the pieces together on their floors.

The 9648 Sidekick stationary leather sofa is also made in Vietnam and retails from $1,699 to $1,999

Nice Link’s China operations continue to provide cut-and-sew materials for the Vietnam-made groups, combining the resources of both countries.

“The dual strategy executed across our well-established China operation and burgeoning Vietnam business communicates to our current and prospective customers that we are committed to finding solutions and paths to mutual growth through the challenges of tariffs, supply chain and whatever comes our way,” said Jay Carlson, Nice Link president.

By using China’s expertise in cut-and-sew leathers and fabrics, Carlson noted that the company is providing a line that ultimately offers better-end product at a value for its customers, retailers and designers alike.

“We are utilizing everything that is great about Nice Link,” Carlson added of the quality fabric and leather kits provided by China combined with the production capabilities of Vietnamese workers. “We have to have better product.”

With the Vietnam plant, Nice Link will be overseeing the operation with the help of its expat team of Chinese line management and staff skilled in upholstery production.

Business, of course, will dictate how much of the capacity it uses in the new facility. But Carlson also noted that the model is designer-quality product “where the volume comes down a little.”

Within the same facility, the company also has the opportunity to add more lines to reach the plant’s full capacity.

“We have the flexibility to add more because we have the space and we have the labor,” Carlson said. “We have the ability to add as we see is needed.”

At the High Point Market, the company is also showing a number of new and top-selling upholstery groups from its China plant, representing a mix of “tariff-free and high-end motion and stationary products.”

And starting with this market, the company’s showroom also occupies the entire 10th floor of Market Square Tower, which provides a 360-degree view of downtown High Point. Totaling 16,000 square feet, the space has an additional 1,600-square feet formerly occupied by offices of the late Dave Phillips. In addition to a new kitchen and bar area, the company added three more showroom spaces with the additional square footage.

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