Sarreid partners with to streamline creative processes

AUSTIN, Texas After more than three years of active partnership, Sarreid Ltd., a global source of furniture and accessories for designers and retailers, has significantly elevated and streamlined its creative processes in collaboration with, its leading 3D content technology platform. Sarreid has improved its turnaround time by 50% and reduced photography production costs by as much as 80% since going with the new platform.

Leveraging, Sarreid creates up to 40 room scenes and silhouette images monthly for its website, print advertisements and social media campaigns. Previously, Sarreid would set aside three weeks of studio work for catalog design, but the platform has helped decrease the turnaround dramatically while having a direct effect on the confidence and relationships the company maintains with retailers, designers and dealers, all while reducing traditional photography costs.

“Our product visibility and online traffic have greatly increased since implementing the platform,” said Brad Cates, president and CEO of Sarreid Ltd. “The decrease in costs and the enhanced productivity from using the platform, compared to conventional studio setups, has been monumental.”

According to the executive, Sarreid chose to partner with because the company was eager to delve into the realm of AI technology, eliminating the need for recurring style services and studio photography and the time-consuming process it involved. Prior to engaging with, the company found other prominent platforms lacked the ability to deliver viable and believable images.

“With, we have been able to achieve our goal of producing realistic images without the need for traditional studio setups,” Cates said. “We are extremely satisfied with the results and recommend to anyone looking for cost-effective, quality options.”

Chris Barnes, director of creative media at Sarreid Ltd., emphasized that it has been a smooth process transitioning from in-studio production to the 3D platform and has even had the benefit of decreasing the risk of products getting damaged. Further, Barnes has been impressed with the attention of staff, from the technology to the executive teams, who have clearly demonstrated their commitment to client satisfaction, business growth and success all along the way.

“We’re thrilled our partnership has been so transformative for Sarreid Ltd.,” said Preet Singh, CEO of “Sarreid is a pioneer in the furniture industry, and, with our platform, we have truly maximized visualization and production with great success. We hope to continue to bring the benefits of our innovative technology platform to others in the home furnishings industry and beyond.”

Learn more about Sarreid Ltd.’s success story with here.

Based in Wilson, North Carolina, Sarreid traverses the globe, seeking out master craftspeople to source the extraordinary and one-of-a-kind for which it is known. For more than half a century, tastemakers, designers, builders and architects have turned to Sarreid for the exceptional — starting with the statement-making decorative accessories and objects d’art upon which the company was built — to its ever-growing collection of luxurious furnishings for projects of every scale. For more information, visit

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