Inside Craftmaster’s custom upholstery manufacturing operations

Quality, attention to detail guide day-to-day business of design and production

With an estimated 1 million square feet in five plants in and around Hiddenite, Taylorsville and Wilkesboro, North Carolina, Craftmaster is among the major upholstery producers not just in the state, but in in the U.S. Its model has long been centered around custom orders, which drive the business among the design trade and brick-and-mortar retailers around the country.

Creating that product and satisfying those custom orders requires a team effort, in this case representing some 625 employees, some 600 of which are in upholstery manufacturing and cut-and-sew operations. Home News Now received a first-hand tour of the company’s Hiddenite-area operations, courtesy of company President Alex Reeves, an upholstery industry veteran who grew up in the business. His passion for the manufacturing process along with quality and attention to detail flows through the operation, including to employees with many years, if not decades of experience. Below we offer a glimpse inside the operation and a look at the people who bring the storied line to life.

Hand cutting of fabric is an important part of the process of creating a custom sofa, loveseat, chair or sectional for customers around the country. It complements the cutting of larger swaths of fabric on larger, more automated machinery.

A team of experienced sewers are seen sewing fabrics according to the specifications for individual frames.

These workers are seen creating pillows and cushions that make up the custom upholstery mix.

Matt Harless is seen springing up a chair frame at the Hiddenite plant. The springs provide an outer layer of support for the seat and the back of the frame.

David Gallegor is seen at work on a sofa frame, putting layers of clothlike material between the frame and the cushioning and fabric.

Casey Dixon is seen at work on the assembly of an upholstery frame at the Hiddenite plant.

Employees are seen in various stages of sanding and construction of various components that will be used in the seating line.

Leonard Shilley is seen assembling the frame of a wing chair at the Hiddenite plant.

Daniel Diaz is seen assembling a chair frame, also at the Hiddenite plant.

50-year Craftmaster employee John Miller is seen applying fabric to an upholstery frame.

Employees shape and finish legs for sofas, chairs, sectionals and other seating in the Craftmaster upholstery line.

More upholstery pieces are in various stages of the production process at the Hiddenite plant.

These are some of the company’s accent chairs that are nearing completion. They will soon be ready for final inspection, packaging and shipping.

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  1. Hello

    I am interested in finding a wood supplier to make wood tops for my my iron table bases.

    Also would Hiddenite make upholstery for private label for a retailer?

    Do you know if they have any experience in top of bed linens.

    These are areas I am looking to expand in my retail stores at the Hickory Furniture Mart. I have 4 Stores there. I am the CEO. I also am a designer and have designed furniture for companies like Hooker Furniture. I would be interested in making new contacts that can help me expand my business.


    Kathy Gordon
    Southern Heritage Home

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