People seen at premarket spring 2024

Every six months, retailers from around the country come to see the latest product introductions about a month before the spring and fall High Point Market. For many, this is a prime opportunity to have in-person meetings where they can not only see the product up close, but reconnect with longtime industry business associates. But the event also allows buyers and sellers alike the chance to kick back and relax at the popular reception at the Grandover Resort in Greensboro. Below is a look at some of the industry people we saw there at the event on Monday and look forward to seeing again in April when they come back to town for the official market.

Harrison Kelly, left, Riverside Furniture; Doug Bassett, Vaughan-Bassett Furniture; Tammy Covington Nagem, High Point Market Authority; and Page Wilson, Pulaski Furniture

Danielle Baer, left, Jerry Baer and Alan Kramer, all of Baer’s Furniture, West Palm Beach, Florida

Matt Huber, left, Belfort Furniture, Dulles, Virginia; Jeremy Hoff, Hooker Furnishings; and Karyn Roed and Alician Bratton, Belfort Furniture

Jim Roberts, left, and AJ Filloy, Universal Furniture; David Koehler, Johnny Janosik, Dover, Delaware; Don Noot, Avalon Furniture; and Bob Russo, Johnny Janosik.

Bob Erwin, left, and Julianne Goodwin, B.F. Myers Furniture, Nashville, Tennessee; Dennis Hoy, FMG, High Point; Roland Maddrey, Legacy Classic | Modern; and Michael Herschel IV, FMG

Jay Johnson, left, Avalon Furniture; Vincent Lim, Austin Furniture Group; Steve York, FD Home; and Steven Lim, Austin Furniture Group

Chris Dabelow, left, Lucas Furniture & Mattress, Logansport, Indiana; Fred Henjes, Riverside Furniture; and Larry Klaben, Morris Furniture, Dayton, Ohio.

Jonathan Cowles, left, Liberty Furniture Industries; Jeremy Hoff, Hooker Furnishings; Brad Merry, Merry’s Home Furnishings, Augusta, Georgia; and Chad Silver, Liberty Furniture

Andrew Kauffman, left, Furniture First; John Matter, Matter Brothers Furniture, Naples, Florida; and Sean O’Connor, Universal Furniture

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