Esquire Advertising launches Unmasked web visitor data collection tool

RALEIGH, N.C. — Ad technology experts Esquire Advertising has launched Unmasked, a breakthrough product that collects valuable web visitor data and turns them into actionable leads.

Unmasked does what its name implies – it reveals the identity of visitors to a website by matching the visitor’s data with over two trillion data points to provide information such as names, phone numbers, and email addresses. The company says it can achieve success rates as high as 70%.

With a snippet of proprietary code, Unmasked allows retailers, manufacturers and interior designers to increase the quality and quantity of leads easily and affordably from their website traffic.

“More leads mean more opportunities which lead to more sales,” said Eric Grindley, Esquire founder and chief executive officer. “Every day, thousands and thousands of people are searching for products online. Every day, thousands of businesses compete for consumers, driving expensive web traffic to their online stores, and every day, over 90% of that costly traffic leaves your website without providing any information as to why or who they are.”

Wichita Furniture & Mattress is an early adopter reaping instant benefits with “incredible insight into our web traffic that we’ve never had before,” said Paul Badke, director of digital marketing at the Kansas retailer.

“It’s a game changer because now we’re able to remarket to all website visitors in our trade area, not just to people who have abandoned their shopping cart or filled out a traditional lead capture form,” he added.

Unmasked is offered in three tiers and includes dashboard access for users to download the data as they need it to best suit their marketing strategy. Esquire recommends that companies interested in Unmasked have a plan in place to act on the leads because they will start coming in as soon as Unmasked Pixel is turned on.

“When a consumer comes to a website and leaves without providing any information, it’s often because they are in the research phase. It’s smart business to reach out to them, introduce your brand, and establish it as the expert and influence that customer journey,” Grindley said.

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