Bankruptcy court OKs protocol for Mitchell Gold customers to receive furniture

An estimated 1,400 pieces in the company’s warehouses have been assigned to paying customers

WILMINGTON, Del. — The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware has approved an order that allows customers to receive deliveries of Mitchell Gold furniture they have paid for but not received during the company’s ongoing bankruptcy proceedings.

The order approves a protocol by which Need It Now Delivers and its subsidiaries can deliver furniture that has been completed and held in inventory to get into the hands of paying customers.

Those customers have been waiting for their furniture to be delivered since Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams closed its doors in late August and filed for bankruptcy in early September.

Prior to the case converting to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in early October, NIND provided delivery and storage services to the company. According to court documents, it has been storing some 3,600 pieces of furniture manufactured by the company, some 1,400 of which were assigned to various customers in numerous NIND warehouses throughout the U.S.

It also has received communications from many of those customers who are wanting their furniture delivered, although some of that furniture may not be in one of NIND’s facilities.

The protocol, which was approved by the court in late January, is similar to a protocol granted to Ryder Last Mile this past fall.

The measure approved by the court allows a process for customers to receive their furniture only if they have paid for it and have not received a refund through their credit card company or other means. The protocol allows NIND to contact credit card companies to verify that customers have either paid for the merchandise and also verify that customers have not received a refund.

Those customers who have received a refund can reverse that refund and have the furniture delivered as long as they provide information showing they paid for the products and also agree to pay for the delivery and storage charges. Customers who have paid delivery fees in advance can file a proof of claim with the clerk of the court at

“We look forward to working with you to get the Undelivered Furniture delivered as promptly as possible under these challenging circumstances,” NIND said in a letter to customers included in the court filing.

Customers seeking more information on undelivered goods can also reach out to NIND by clicking here

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