Manufacturing representatives, Viscosoft

Job Title: Manufacturing representatives

Company: Viscosoft


“Because our Private Label Program gives Retailers the advantage over their competition, it gives you the advantage over yours.

Every retailer knows that the only “brand” they should be building is their own!

Our Private Label Pillow & Mattress Protector Program does just that.

· We offer container prices without the container commitment.

· We keep stock available for immediate delivery from our warehouses in CA, NJ, and NC.

· Top retailers recognize the quality of our products at prices our competition cannot or will not match.

· We have provided Private Label Programs nationally and internationally to department store chains and major retailers since 2007.

· Our design team is highly skilled at building brand awareness and developing packaging that increases sales – this is one reason VISCOSOFT is one of the top online brands for mattress toppers.

· Our copy-written sales training teaches your people how to sell more mattresses while increasing closing ratios, attachment rates, and average tickets.

Job Summary

Experience in pillow and mattress protector sales is preferred, but not required because we make it very easy for you to succeed.

Most independent sales reps have no idea how important pillow and mattress protector programs are to the retailer’s bottom line. Or how significant the financial rewards can be to the rep that provides them.

But, if you have built a reputation for reliability and service and have the right relationships to prove it, we have everything it takes to take it from there.

Call or visit us at the Las Vegas Market, C-1536 for more information.”

– Harry Costantino, director of training and key account development for Viscosoft.

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