Flexsteel works with City of Hope to help fight life-threatening diseases

DUBUQUE, Iowa — In Flexsteel Industries’ efforts to make a nationwide difference, the company is excited to announce its partnership with City of Hope, a renowned charity dedicated to providing exceptional cancer and diabetes treatment, research, and support services.

“We’re always looking ahead, striving to improve, and that same commitment to continuous improvement applies to our desire to make a difference,” said Jerry Dittmer, chief executive officer of Flexsteel. “That’s why I’m thrilled to share that we are expanding our efforts to make a nationwide impact.”

Flexsteel’s earnest desire to make a difference for countless people worldwide drove the decision to support City of Hope. With its outstanding contributions to cancer and diabetes care, research, and support, City of Hope aligns with Flexsteel’s vision of providing comfort to others to make a difference.

Jerry Dittmer of Flexsteel, left, along with Tim Newlin, also of Flexsteel, and Matt Harrison, president of Kuka North America, look on at some of the research being done at the City of Hope.

Flexsteel intends to provide financial support to City of Hope’s existing cancer research, treatment innovation, and patient care programs through this partnership. Furthermore, Flexsteel will engage its network of employees, retailers, and suppliers, fostering a collective effort that will undoubtedly contribute to groundbreaking cancer research, treatments, and compassionate patient care.

Since the announcement of the partnership in July, Flexsteel has harnessed its brand to generate a significant positive impact. Kuka Home has been invited to augment these efforts, working together to enhance awareness and financial support.

In recent weeks, Dittmer and Flexsteel Vice President of Strategic Business Development Tim Newlin visited one of the many City of Hope hospitals nationwide. During their visit, they witnessed how this organization is battling diabetes and cancer with remarkable success.

“We’ve been around for 130 years,” Dittmer said. “And a partnership like this is so important because it allows Flexsteel to use our platform to engage an entirely new group of people and generate support for a cause that matters.”

As the executives explored the corridors of the City of Hope, they were deeply moved by the stories that unfolded before them.

“The hospital was a tangible symbol of the positive impact of hundreds of doctors and researchers,” Newlin said. “But it’s clear there is so much more to do. And I am confident Flexsteel can help.”

This trip marks the next step in an impactful partnership between Flexsteel and the City of Hope and was a testament to Flexsteel’s belief that businesses are responsible for positively impacting society. For more information on this partnership or how to support this initiative, please visit A Visionary Approach | Flexsteel Corporate (flexsteelindustries.com).

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