Avalon Furniture enhances wireless charging capabilities on nightstands

Company is showing its new Tech Stand feature, which allows three units to be charged at once on top of the nightstand

HIGH POINT — Case goods resource Avalon Furniture is taking wireless charging functionality in its nightstands to the next level.

At this week’s market, the company is showing its new Tech Stand feature in its nightstands that allows three devices to be charged at one time on the top of the unit.

For the past several years, the company has offered wireless charging capability on the tops of its nightstands, allowing a single phone to be charged at a time by simply placing it on the surface.

Now, the three-way charger allows an iPhone, air pods and an Apple watch to be charged at once, by placing them on a charging pad built into the top of the unit.

This is a view of the top of the new Tech Stand feature that Avalon Furniture is adding to all its nightstands.

The same units will continue to also offer charging functionality at the back of the case, which includes a USB A port and a USB C port as well as an on/off button for the adjustable LED nightlight at the base of the unit.

Dealers have responded so well that the company is adding the new Tech Stand technology into all new nightstands. It will also install it in existing nightstands, which can be retrofitted with the Tech Stand feature.

The company has already trademarked the Tech Stand name and feature, which offers the three-way charging in addition to the UBA A port and USB C port on the back of the unit, plus the on/off LED nightlight button.

Company President Mike Bradshaw estimated that the feature adds about $100 of value to the nightstands although the company is not raising the price of exiting units.

“We’re trying to add value,” he told Home News Now, adding that the pricing of new product covers the cost of the enhanced technology.

He also noted that the enhanced wireless charging feature gives salespeople another story to tell on the floor for consumers seeking innovation in the category.

“There is no way you cannot not talk about it,” he said, noting that the units are expected to ship sometime at the end of the first quarter.

At market, the company is showing its Tech Stand nightstands at its showroom in Space 100 of The Atrium at 430 S. Main St.

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