Ashley Distribution Services wins 1st place in Wisconsin Fleet Safety Awards

ARCADIA, Wis. – Ashley Distribution Services was awarded first place in the Fleet Safety Awards by the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association during their annual Safety Luncheon held yesterday. ADS won the Division 4 category, which is awarded to companies that travel over 5 million miles, based on their safety records composed of accident ratios and total miles traveled within Wisconsin. The eligibility criteria for the award requires companies to maintain an accident ratio of 3.0 or less and report only miles and accidents occurring in Wisconsin. In 2023, ADS achieved a remarkable accident ratio of 0.17 while driving a total of 5,769,265 miles.

“This prestigious Fleet Safety Award serves as proof of Ashley Distribution Services’ unwavering commitment to road safety,” said Steve Ralston, director of transportation safety and compliance. “Our team’s collective efforts and responsible driving have made this achievement possible and affirm our company’s dedication to safety.”

“We prioritize safety in all aspects of our operations to meet the demands of our customers with the highest level of quality,” John Leighty, executive vice president of distribution, transportation and customer relations. “This recognition is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our entire team towards ensuring safety on the roads, and we will continue to prioritize safety in all aspects of our operations.”

ADS was recognized earlier this year with the American Trucking Association’s President’s Trophy and Fleet Safety Award and is currently placed at #22 in the Top 100 Private Carriers by Transport Topics. ADS has also received Honorable Mention for the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association’s Fleet Safety Award for three consecutive years, demonstrating the company’s consistent commitment to safety.

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