These hyped med-beds do amazing things for the body

Recently, I took a look at the burgeoning market for health and wellness products and suggested that the primary drivers propelling that market forward might be worth a gander for those of us in the residential furniture segment.

If you will indulge me for just a little while longer, I want to circle back one more time, but this time, I want to ask all the bedding makers to pay special attention.

If you read my previous column about the things driving the health and wellness segment to new heights, one of the key drivers was the fact that health and wellness has become a priority for most consumers.

And everyone knows that a key ingredient to feeling well is having the ability to get a good night’s sleep. 

And while many mattress makers have sought to incorporate related elements into their sleep platforms, including mattresses infused with copper, hemp-based CBD and even green tea, we don’t hear too much about mattresses or sleep systems called med-beds that are out there offering consumers some alleged and really out-of-the-box sleep solutions.

So, what are med-beds and how do they differ from traditional mattresses? 

That’s a good question that will get you a very unorthodox answer. Some med-beds currently on the market claim that via light electrical currents that can ground your body, you will have less pain, deeper sleep and more energy.  


One company, called O2 Wellness Center, states, “Our MedBed combines pulsed electro-magnetic field, infrared heat and brainwave entrainment to promote healing and balance in the mind and body. Whether you are perfectly healthy or want to treat a specific condition/symptom, the Medbed can help.

Aside from general wellness, the MedBed has symptom-specific settings and can target specific issues including, but not limited to: acute or chronic injury/pain, allergies, autoimmune diseases, neuropathy, cataracts, Crohns disease, diabetes, depression, lack of energy, fybromyalgia, heartburn, herniated discs, immune support, IBS, kidney stones, menopause, migraines, obesity, psoriasis, restless leg syndrome, stress, tinnitus, ulcers, UTI, varicose veins, whiplash, wound healing and much more!”

Oh, I almost forgot. They claim their MedBed also “corrects cellular dysfunction throughout the body.”

Sign me up!

If that doesn’t float your boat, you can sleep in a Tesla. No, not the car, a Tesla Bed. There are a host of Tesla MedBed Centers that promise that users will benefit from a super boost of high-strength life force energy.

Now, before you come to the office to slap me out of my obvious dream state, let me tell you about one more company currently raking in coin of the realm while the rest of us are only dreaming about something this lucrative.

The company is called Anti Aging Bed and can be found by clicking here.

For just $1,700, you can order their 12-inch BioHacking anti-aging mattress topper. And If you want to sleep large, you can plop down after a hard day in their BaxStar Hyberbaric Chamber.

The chamber normally sells for $30,000, but if you are in a hurry, it is on sale right now for only $19,995.

Sorry, you waited too long. I just went back on the site to check availability and it appears that it is currently sold out.

When I come across sites like this with products like the few I mentioned above, it makes me realize that, when it comes to feeling good, there certainly doesn’t seem to be a ceiling on what people will pay to feel good … or, at least, to think that they are going to feel good.

And speaking of ceilings, this might be worth remembering the next time you’re awake in the middle of the night staring at your own ceiling pondering ways to grow your business.

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