Thoughts on making the most of this moment

Enough is difficult. When is enough, enough? When is enough too much? It can be a difficult concept in a world where “more” drives so many. There is nothing wrong with wanting more. Our desire for more motivates us and allows us to get more out of life. It helps us become better, improve and grow. It can bolster our self-worth and bestow security. However, demanding too much, taking things to an extreme, putting too much stock into what we have and what we don’t have does not serve us well. 

As we deal with life, what it puts at our doorstep, we are constantly reminded of the mystery of what’s next. None of us really know what life will bring. How we choose to meet this challenge moment by moment determines much about the kind of life we live. Are we happy? Are we at peace? Is our mind clear of our personal Noise? Are we at our best? Are we content? Are we grateful? Are we comfortable with ambiguity? Are we full of trust and free of fear?

Accepting and embracing life as it is and ourselves as we are means understanding the limits of both. Trying to make ourselves and/or life something other than what we really are creates dissonance. We are left anxious, worried and unhappy. This is a mind cluttered with Noise. Noise distracts and keeps us from being who we really are and at our best.

In our quest to know and control what cannot be known and controlled, we find ourselves on a path of constant frustration, worry, anxiety and fear. We live only a shell of a life, not one filled with substance. This is not how we are designed and built. “Better” and “Best” need to drive us; this is enough. We do not need to force ourselves to try to “Know” and “Control.” 

Moment to Moment is a better way to live even with all its limitations. It is enough. There is nothing more to do. There is nothing more we can do. No need to spend our moments ruminating, wrestling, worried about what cannot be known or controlled. Being content with what we have done in this moment, with a clear mind, at our best is a better way to live a life. We must break the habits of old. We must fight off the distrust and fear that demand the impossible and leave us wanting and removed from what this moment really offers. 

Making the most of this moment by being all-in is enough. Being all that we are, focused on maximizing the potential of this moment to the exclusion of all others, is a better way to live. Reaching for more than this moment can offer is asking too much of it. 

Yes, “more” serves us well. But asking for more than can be yields discontent. This is no way to spend our brief time here. Becoming comfortable with all that this moment offers, and not demanding it give us more than it has to give, is enough for it is the path of a better life.

More to come.

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