Inside Sam Moore’s manufacturing facilities

BEDFORD, Va. – Having heard the buzz about Sam Moore’s growing product line and custom manufacturing capabilities, Home News Now visited its plant here in late 2022.

The visit offered a glimpse at the people and processes that bring a line of sofas, chairs, sectionals and other accent upholstery pieces to life. It’s a bench-made production process where each piece is built to customer specifications that makes use of many different fabric and finish options.

Below are some photos that Home News Now took inside the facility that offer a glimpse of some of the capabilities that have made domestic upholstery a success and shining star in the Hooker Furnishings line.

A worker runs a machine that cuts panels into components for the upholstery line.
A worker assembles an upholstery frame at the Sam Moore plant in Bedford, Virginia.
A worker distresses the legs of a chair at the plant.
A sofa frame is in process using a combination of quality materials and hand-built techniques.
A worker hand finishes the legs of a chair frame.
This is just a section of the hundreds of fabrics used in the Sam Moore upholstery line.
This cabinet shows some of the various multistep custom finishes available in the line.
Upholstery frames move down the production line.
Chair frames hang on a finishing line at the plant.
Workers use computers showing different specs on various pieces in production. This use of technology helps ensure that orders are made and delivered to the customers’ specifications.

Thomas Russell

Home News Now Editor-in-Chief Thomas Russell has covered the furniture industry for 25 years at various daily and weekly consumer and trade publications. He can be reached at and at 336-508-4616.

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