CPSC votes 3-1 to accept updated ASTM F2057 as mandatory safety standard for clothing storage units

Vote follows hourlong discussion in which commissioner Richard Trumka touted why he supported the CPSC standard as opposed to STURDY

WASHINGTON — With a three-to-one vote, the Consumer Product Safety Commission approved ASTM F-2057 as the mandatory safety standard for clothing storage units.

The three people voting in favor of the standard were Chairman Alexander Hoehn-Saric, Peter Feldman and Mary Boyle.

Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. voted against after a lengthy discussion of why the updated ASTM was dangerous and would fail to protect children under 72 months old from tip-over incidents. Instead he supported the CPSC staff’s own mandatory standard published in late November.

He alleged that up to this point, the industry has basically done nothing to help protect children against tip-overs, which many would take issue with given the number of companies already complying with and exceeding the safety requirements of the voluntary standard. This standard has been updated several times in recent years to help protect children from tip-overs.

Leading up to the final vote, Trumka proposed several motions and amendments, most of which the other commissioners voted against. They ultimately supported the updated ASTM F2057,  published in early February, as it meets the requirements of the STURDY (Stop Tip-Overs of Risky Dressers on Youth) Act signed into law in late December.

The updated ASTM F2057-23 also largely has the support of the industry, parent groups and legislators. While the testing requirements are not necessarily easier than the CPSC standard, many have supported it as it is a pass-fail test as opposed to an ambiguous rating system developed as part of the CPSC rule.

Now that the commissioners have supported STURDY, there will be a brief public comment period before the stability standard gets published in the Federal Register. Once it gets published, it goes into effect in 120 days, or four months.

The CPSC rule originally was set to take effect May 24 for all clothing storage units made after that date. However, in accepting ASTM F2057-23 as the mandatory standard, the vote effectively stays implementation of the May 24 effective date.

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