New content platform offers consumers insights into home furnishings industry

HIGH POINT, N.C. — A new and exciting content platform is coming to the home furnishing industry that’s B2C, as in bringing the business of the market to consumers — reality TV style.

“Market Famous” will grant behind-the-scenes access to the most exclusive markets and furniture industry icons around the globe. A video adventure series, it will tell the behind-the-scenes stories of the people, places and products inside the world of home fashion.

Content will be distributed via a dedicated YouTube channel, as well as through the complementary website and social media platforms.
Created by furniture industry veterans Mynda Bullock, Waynette Goodson and newcomer Ajit Anthony, the series will explore the stories about the markets that might not otherwise get told.

“As storytellers, we wanted our own independent content channel to explore areas that would not ordinarily fit within the perimeters of average industry publications,” Goodson said. “The three of us love working together, so selfishly, we were trying to find a way to keep going together creatively in this new after-Covid world.”

Previously, Goodson and Bullock worked for Progressive Business Media. Goodson served as the editor of Casual Living for three years, and Bullock had a long career as videographer, best known for her work with Furniture Today.

“We wanted to tell the stories behind the stories and explore products that develop in the hidden world of markets where home and fashion intersect,” Bullock said. “Now we can embrace the whimsical aspects of market and even the market party scene.”

Ajit Anthony is a filmmaker/writer/editor for Figure 8 Films in Durham, North Carolina. He first became interested in the furniture industry while working with Bullock for Furniture Today. He brings a reality TV lens to Goodson and Bullock’s news journalism style.

Given Goodson’s background in fashion and lifestyle publications, the first two episodes explore how designers are influencing the furniture industry, as well as the unique energy they bring to market. Goodson does her own man-on-the-street version of “fashion police” and then goes Style Spotting with celebrity designer Justin Shaulis. Future designers to watch for include Thom
Filicia, Kelli Ellis and Shayla Copas.

But this design angle is just the tip of the industry iceberg, and future episodes will cover a variety of topics. In fact, the trio is accepting story ideas on their website.
“We look forward to everyone following along and submitting ideas,” Goodson said. “This is a creative passion project, and who knows what stories we can all uncover together. It should be a bunch of fun!”

For more information, check out or tune in to the YouTube Market Famous channel.

Below are some links to videos Market Famous has already produced.

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