DispatchTrack launches AI-powered territory planner

CAMPBELL, Calif. — DispatchTrack, the global leader in last mile delivery solutions, today announced the industry’s first AI-powered territory planning and optimization solution to enable large wholesalers, distributors, and field service companies to rapidly define and easily update sales territories that are optimized for balanced workloads and efficient daily routes. The result is consistent, evenly-divided revenue streams for sellers and consistent delivery service for customers.

Because DispatchTrack is built on a powerful route optimization engine and architected via a flexible SaaS platform, its solution is well-positioned to enable rapid territory planning with fast, accurate, and flexible results. By incorporating territory planning into a solution that already encompasses delivery planning, execution, and visibility, DispatchTrack’s solution can now cover the needs of sales territory and distribution planners end to end. DispatchTrack makes it easy to quickly adjust territories as often as needed to ensure balanced, optimized routes are created.

In addition to rapidly generating balanced sales territories, the AI-powered territory planning seamlessly connects to DispatchTrack’s hybrid routing capabilities to ensure that territory plans can be translated into daily routes that satisfy the needs of drivers and customers. All of this happens during territory generation, meaning that the system never generates territories that ultimately fail to account for customers’ day of the week and service frequency requirements or the capacity/earning potential at the level of daily and weekly route plans. Like all core DispatchTrack capabilities, AI-powered territory planning is intuitive, easy to use, and requires minimal training. 

“Thanks to the power of AI, DispatchTrack now enables territory planners to create optimal and accurate territory plans in minutes. Instead of a tortuous and time-consuming balancing act between customer needs, seller revenue, and route efficiency, planners can have an agile process for crafting flexible plans that actually work in real-world conditions,” said Satish Natarajan, DispatchTrack co-founder and CEO. “Just as important, DispatchTrack is the only solution that eliminates the long-standing disconnect between territory planning and daily route planning – automatically generating repeatable daily and weekly route plans based on the new territories. This is critical for ensuring an efficient end-to-end delivery workflow.”

AI-Powered Territory Planning Benefits

  • Time and cost savings – Slashes the time required to develop a territory and distribution plan, empowering businesses to update the plan as often as necessary to ensure cost-effective customer service. 
  • Optimized driver territories – In distribution networks where drivers act as sellers, enables brands to establish territories that are balanced in terms of revenue-per-seller while ensuring great customer service.
  • Increased route efficiency within territories – Ensures the mix of customers to be served on different days of the week can be translated into realistic and efficient delivery routes that maximize revenue potential.
  • Daily and weekly route plans that actually work – Automatically connects territory planning to actual daily and weekly delivery routing, enabling adjustments to be made on the fly. 
  • Easy to implement – Customers import an existing territory distribution plan via a CSV file, and DispatchTrack uses AI to automatically eliminate inefficiency while ensuring each driver’s territory meets a minimum threshold for delivery and commission value.

More information on DispatchTrack’s Territory Planner can be found here.

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