Therapedic honors international licensees and retailers

PRINCETON, N.J. (Sept. 19, 2022) – Therapedic International honored several licensees and their key retailers from the Australia and New Zealand regions. The company waited two years through the pandemic to bring the successful group together for the special recognition.

In a plaque presentation in the Therapedic Las Vegas showroom, three mattress producers received the International Licensee of the Year awards and two dealers received the International Retailer of the Year awards.

Con Apostolidis, left_Slumbercare Bedding, Victoria Australia; Gerry Borreggine, Therapedic International; and Adrian Manera, Haggle Co. Home + Furniture, South Australia

“This group of honorees is quite special for a couple of reasons,” said CEO/President Gerry Borreggine. “They demonstrated fortitude and excellence through the pandemic that hit their part of the world very hard and with more extreme lockdowns than here in the U.S. And secondly, they have come a long way after a long wait so we could recognize their achievements.”

Long-time licensee Mattress Resources (Queensland, Australia), owned by Matthew Hollis, has been part of the Therapedic International family for 34 years. Hollis began working at Mattress Resources in February 1993 and purchased the factory from its original owner in 2015.

“I’ve personally been involved with Therapedic brand for close to 30 years now,” said Hollis. “Our customers know, when they buy a Therapedic product from us it’s going to be a quality product that’s backed with one of the highest warranties in Australia.”

In the Queensland market, key dealer MyBedtime in Brisbane received the Retailer of the Year honor, accepted by owner Tony Coccia. He is a featured guest on an upcoming episode of  ‘Inside Track with Gerry Borreggine,’ a video series designed for bedding retail sales professionals.

Slumbercare Bedding (Victoria, Australia), owned by Con Apostolidis, is another long-term Therapedic licensee, soon celebrating its 25th year with the group. The company launched in 1996, but bedding is in its blood, as co-founder Gregory Apostolidis, Con’s father, has been making mattresses since 1964.

“Our most important competitive advantage in this region is the product design and innovation for which we’re among the best. Our affiliation with Therapedic as a leader in the global bedding industry enables our business to continue innovating and stay ahead with global bedding trends,” said Apostolidis.

In that region, key retailer Haggle Co. Home + Furniture was recognized for its top sales. Accepting the award for the South Australian family-owned retail business was Managing Director Adrian Manera.

The third International Licensee of the Year honor went to Brownies Mattress Service of New Zealand. Owner Dean Brownie was affiliated with Therapedic as a sub-licensee since 1998 and bought out another New Zealand factory, making Brownies the sole New Zealand licensee since 2015.

“Our position as the top brand alternative is made possible by this type of longevity with our licensing partners and their success with dealers,” said Susan Mathes, vice president of brand relations for Therapedic.

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