Man Wah begins Mexico production

NUEVO LEON, Mexico — Motion upholstery manufacturer Man Wah Holdings said it has begun production in a temporary 200,000-square-foot leased facility here that is producing 100 containers a month of finished product.

The company also said that the entire one million square-foot first phase of the project will be completed by year end, with production shifting from the temporary facility to a permanent space. At that point, production will expand to 300 containers a month, and the facility will employ 700 workers, up from 200 currently.

The second phase, to be completed by the end of 2023, will be an additional 1.5 million square feet, giving the $300 million campus 2.5 million square feet total of production space and 4,000 workers total.

By the end of 2023, capacity also will have expanded to 2,000 containers per month, officials said, noting that the manufacturer ultimately seeks to produce 4,000 containers per month and employ as many as 8,000 workers in Mexico.

In addition to its current 6 million square feet of dedicated production in Vietnam and its one million square feet of production in China, the Mexico facility will exclusively serve the company’s North America and Latin America customer base. However, it will mirror the other facilities in its vertical footprint, pouring its own foam, assembling its own mechanisms and performing its own cut and sew operations.

“Having this vertical facility ensures quality control standards which is a standard requirement for Man Wah built products,” the company said.

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