Corsicana introducing 10 American Bedding line SKUs and more in Las Vegas

DALLAS — Corsicana, the leading national producer of value mattresses in the United States, is focusing its Las Vegas showroom on six key brands for the Las Vegas Furniture Market—American Bedding, NightsBridge, Sleep Inc, Symbol, Sleep Fresh and Tommie Copper. All the brands emphasize the company’s core strategy of building the best mattresses under the $1,000 retail price point

The company’s legacy brand, American Bedding, takes center stage in the B1280 showroom, where Corsicana is adding 10 new mattresses to the line, including two rolled hybrid mattresses and eight double-sided models with multiple cover options, profiles and retail price points ranging from $300 to $800 retail.

“Dealers will see us double-down on American Bedding in Vegas,” said Eric Rhea, chief executive officer. “We believe there has never been a greater opportunity for American-made value bedding and there is no other company in the country as well positioned to serve this segment in terms of product development, manufacturing footprint or customer service capabilities.”

Other new products this Market include a double-sided mattress from Sleep Inc, Corsicana’s entry level brand with retail price points between $100 and $300 and two double-sided mattresses in the Symbol line this Market.

Corsicana will also showcase their affordable luxury options in its NightsBridge, SleepFresh and Tommie Copper lines.

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