The multiplier effect of Being Your Best

Stopping the Noise brings us much on a personal level. Free of the noise, we can be our best, full of trust of ourselves and life, free of fear, strong, determined, compassionate, self-confident, joyful, kind and so much more. We are on the path of maximizing our vast potential by being who we really are, no longer trying to be someone we are not. We learn to accept and embrace ourselves and life as we are, and it is. We no longer waste time and effort trying to know and control what cannot be. We move past being filled with distrust and fear for what is next. The result is that we move further and further away from feelings of low self-worth, fear, distrust, anxiety, worry, envy, pettiness and so on as we become reacquainted with who we really are. 

So, yes, each of us gains much by Stopping the Noise and Being Our Best. BUT there is more.   

As we help ourselves, we do the same for others. We need one another; we are all connected. Our behavior, our actions impact others. Collaboration is what got us to the top of the food chain — working together, moving forward together. The more we grow, improve, work through disagreements, be respectful of others, treat others as we would want to be treated, work together, the better the results.  

Each of us, when we are at our best, improves our own life but also the lives of those around us. If we can help one other person have a little better life through our actions, then that is enough. Not only does the beneficiary of our actions win, but we enjoy the same by being our best and helping another. This a win-win. This is team building at its best.  Plus, the person we help is more likely to do the same for another and they for another and so on. Our positive actions help more than we know. This creates a multiplier effect. 

Collaboration wins over conflagration. Yet so many choose the latter. The result is that we are not at our best individually and collectively. This Noise is destructive to us and to others.  

Retreating to our echo worlds that leave life unexamined and opinions unmovable rips us apart rather than stitches us together. Joining with others of like mind against those who do not agree in a made-up world of only binary options exacerbates the problem. We are left with factions whose focus is on destroying others (win-lose). Suppressing one group or silencing a dissenting individual’s voice is about power. It becomes personal. Holding fast to a point of view no matter the facts is about pride. Bringing others down to feel better about oneself, one’s group is insecurity. None of this is about helping others and making life better.   

We are wired to work together for the betterment of each and all. This is how we have survived as a species. This is where the true power lies. This is how “Survival of the Fittest” has played out for us. 

One person embracing their true nature is incredibly powerful. One person Stopping the Noise so that they may be their best improves the life of many others.  More of us abiding by our true nature brings us to a better place filled with better results. 

It takes leadership and commitment. It means being patient and committed to improving our life and the life of others. When we stay true to who we really are, this happens naturally. I am hopeful.  

More to come.

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