Global Furniture USA execs seek to raise awareness of Ukraine amidst Russian assault

HIGH POINT – Two executives and owners of full-line furniture resource Global Furniture USA who are originally from Ukraine are trying to raise awareness at market this week about the carnage happening in Russia’s assault against their home country.

Alex Rubinshteyn, left, and Alex Vaysman

The company is giving out shirts, buttons and wristbands that communicate its support for Ukraine and their opposition to the war.

Alex Vaysman, CEO, and Alex Rubinshteyn, managing director, sat down with Home News Now on Friday to discuss the effort and why they believe  it is important to raise awareness about the war.

Having each come to the U.S. at the age of nine during the late 1970s, they shared memories of their home country, noting how the recent carnage has destroyed some beautiful places they once called home.  

“We want to make people aware and support Ukraine because hopefully this terrible thing will be over pretty soon,” Rubinshteyn said, noting that it is hard to look at images of the bloodshed and destruction. “We need to end this war the right way because it’s not going to be good for the whole country or the whole world.”

He said by offering mementos to visitors at market, the company is hoping to help raise awareness so that people might be encouraged to support the country and victims of the war in their own way. The company also is serving Ukrainian food each day for lunch at market, including dumplings and borsch, a soup of Ukrainian origin made with beetroots.

This is a display of the mementos celebrating Ukraine that Global Furniture is giving away to buyers at market to raise awareness of the conflict in their home country.

Vaysman said the company is not requesting any donations for humanitarian aid or relief, although it has been doing some direct donations on its own to people in need.

“They don’t have time to wait,” he said, noting of immediate needs for food and water due to bombing in various cities. “Our main goal is to create awareness and hopefully people will donate on their own, because obviously they need it.”

The executives also believe that the world needs to not only stop the war in Ukraine in its tracks, but also stop a conflict that could extend beyond its borders.

“What we see happening, and if you go through the history of the world…if a dictator goes in to invade one country, it does not mean it stops there,” Vaysman added. “Today it’s Ukraine and tomorrow you don’t know who it could be.”

The company’s showroom is at 115 S. Hamilton Street.

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