Shifman Mattresses focuses on heirloom nature of its line at High Point Market

HIGH POINT – At the upcoming High Point Market, Shifman Mattresses is focusing on the heirloom and hand-crafted nature of its luxury line as both an investment and a critical component of wellness, namely quality sleep.

The display at its showroom at 108 E. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive will include what it describes as a “visually engaging display of the finest natural materials in its luxury beds and its best-selling Masters collection.

 “The high demand for our hand-crafted mattresses supports the trend the industry has been seeing that consumers are willing to invest in getting the best sleep experience they can because it equates to better health and wellness,” said Bill Hammer, president. “With Shifman hand-tufted mattresses, that investment gives you 10 to 20 years of long-lasting comfort and durability versus the industry standard of five to seven years.”

One of the remaining manufacturers that still produces two-sided mattresses that can extend the line of the mattress,  the company said it also is using sustainable materials such as cotton, wool, cashmere and natural latex that offer “more long-lasting comfort, durability and naturally cooler sleep.”

Part of its display will include a museum case that shows a cross-section of the company’s flagship Cezanne mattress. It showcases an innerspring featuring multiple comfort layers, such as natural cotton, naturally hypoallergenic cashmere, and plush convoluted natural latex, all supported by an eight-way hand-tied boxspring.

The company also will showcase its luxury pillow program that offers retailers another chance to sell a “premium quality product to help their customers curate a luxury sleep experience.”

 “We pride ourselves on our relationships with employees, customers and suppliers,” Hammer noted. “We believe in investing in and carrying inventory, cultivating long-lasting relationships with suppliers, and spending more on material and logistics to ensure that we consistently meet customers’ needs.”

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