Therapedic International to launch Immunity mattress line at Las Vegas Market

Copper-infused models offer health benefits that are said to boost the immune system

PRINCETON, N.J. — Therapedic International is launching its new copper-infused Immunity line at the Jan. 23-27 Las Vegas Market with several styles featuring health benefits that are said to help boost the immune system.

The company test marketed the concept under a different brand name when Covid-19 began to surface. Due to a positive early response in markets such as Denver where it was first manufactured, the company has decided to roll out the mix on a broader scale featuring a brand name that would resonate in the marketplace.

With six models ranging from $999 to $2,499 in queen, the line offers what the company describes as the highest copper content of any mattress made for consumers. Woven into the fabric cover and infused in the mattress foam, the copper material is said to have anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal attributes while also potentially reducing inflammation and increasing circulation.

A key feature of the collection is a copper-infused fabric cover by NatuVerex that has a minimum 30% of the patented copper yarn shown in tests to be transferable through the fabric and absorbed by the skin. The company said it is the first mattress manufacturer to incorporate fabric with such a high copper content in the yarn.

“This cover has about a 30% copper content in it, and that is what makes it so unique,” Therapedic International President and CEO Gerry Borreggine told Home News Now. “It has a little more going on than being just a regular line of goods. It has been tested, it has been tried and it has been proven successful. The only thing it was lacking was a good marketing story and that was where we married it with the Immunity line.”

NatuVerex called the 30% copper content the “sweet spot” in such technology, noting that research has indicated it is the right amount needed to have a positive effect on the health of the sleeper. It also said that this patented yarn shows no loss of effectiveness after more than 50 home launderings.

In addition, the line uses Certi-Pur US copper-infused gel memory foam, which helps provide air flow and natural temperature regulation. Other features include a Quantum Edge pocket coil spring unit for “edge-to-edge support and durability.”

The various styles include a smooth top, quilted top, pillow top and Euro top. They also can be used with adjustable bases and are available flat-packed or roll packed.

“One is more basic and one is mid-range and one is extraordinary — it is top of the line,” Borreggine said. “We have a good better best story with a few in between pieces.”

Borreggine said the line is expected to hit retail in roughly six weeks after the Las Vegas Market.  At market, Immunity can be seen in Therapedic International’s showroom in WMC B-946.

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