Ashley awards 120+ students with scholarships

ARCADIA, Wis. –Ashley Furniture Industries, LLC (Ashley) and the Wanek family are recognizing  students who are choosing to further their education by contributing over $300,000 in  scholarships across the country. Over 120 students located near Ashley facilities have been  awarded a scholarship to put towards their college tuition as they head back to school for the  2021-2022 school year. 

Each year, Ashley provides two separate scholarship opportunities for children of Ashley  employees who are graduating high school. The ‘Ashley Grants-in-Aid Scholarship’ provides a $2,000, one-time scholarship to graduating high school students who are enrolled in an  accredited college or university during the following fall semester. The ‘Wanek Engineering and  Design Scholarship’ is a $5,000 scholarship provided to graduating high school students  pursuing a secondary degree in an Engineering or Design field. Scholarships were awarded in  Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, Florida, Washington and California  this year. 

“I have always wanted to make an impact on those surrounding me; Ashley’s resources and  outreach have allowed me to get one step closer to achieving my goal of running for the United  States Congress. I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals, just as Ashley  has helped me, emphasizing the importance of education,” Sydney Buck, 2021 Ashley  Scholarship Recipient. 

“Education is very important in not only finding your place in the world, but also in changing it  for the better. We believe Sydney has the potential to be one of those change makers. The  Ashley Furniture Grants-In-Aid Scholarship is a much-appreciated resource in that journey,”  Charlie Buck, Ashley Furniture Employee. 

Ashley and the Wanek family have provided millions of dollars towards education initiatives, in kind services and more than 3,000 student scholarships. As manufacturing continues to  advance and the global economy evolves, training and educating the future workforce will be a  crucial part of our country’s success.

“Working for Ashley Furniture for many years, the company has always strived on education  not only to the employees but to the students in our community. Ashley would not be here  today if it were not the continuing education and the support of scholarship to local students. I  am blessed to work for an amazing company that supports education and to also offset the cost  of expenses students have, stated Connie Pronschinske, Ashley Furniture Employee. “Thank you  Ashley Furniture!” 


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