Bienenstock Furniture Library hosts fall art exhibit

‘The Eye and the Hand’ showcases work of two artist-designers

HIGH POINT — An exclusive art exhibit hosted by the Bienenstock Furniture Library is open to industry visitors throughout October High Point Market dates, from Sat., Oct. 16, through Wed., Oct. 20, at 1009 N. Main St., located in the City’s midtown area. 

Curated by professional interior designer, educator and library board member Gary Inman, the exhibit pairs the photographic artwork of Stephen Shutts with detailed renderings by Zachary Hodgin.

Stephen Shutts, Monumental Cemetery, Milan, 2019

The exhibit consists of 12 original black and white photographs of lesser known architectural works captured by Stutts in Italy, Germany and Vienna; and correspondingly, hand drawn interpretations of European and American buildings of historical significance, by Hodgin.

Stutts is a working interior designer at Charleston-based design firm Mitchell Hill, and Hodgin, also a design professional, acts as Director at Inman’s Birmingham studio location.

For Inman, who additionally serves as Designer in Residence and Assistant Professor in the Practice of Interior Design at High Point University, the exhibit calls attention to the value of traditional and academic practices for learning design principles.

“The best way to learn is by observing and documenting,” says Inman, who eschews reliance on computer-generated design and other digitally produced visual data for today’s designers. “Stephen and Zach represent a bridge to the traditional teaching method of careful observation.”

“Stephen chose the more modern method of photography, whereas Zach applied techniques of the Ecole des Beaux Arts, spending hundreds of hours drawing in exhaustive detail each of the iconic buildings he selected,” adds Inman. “The exhibit speaks to the artistic process of each designer.”

‘The Eye and the Hand’ art exhibit is the first of its kind for the Bienenstock Library, according to Karla Jones, Executive Director. The collection of artworks for display will be installed in the central stair hall, the adjoining library and the founders room, occupying over 500 square feet.

“We’re excited to reach more designers and industry professionals through this special attraction,” says Jones. “The exhibit represents a wonderful opportunity to view the work of these amazing artists, while also giving visitors a chance to experience the library and our wealth of resources.”

Zachary Hodgin, Versailles

High Point-based art manufacturing resource Splashworks will underwrite the cost of framing and installation, while Greensboro-based advertising and marketing agency Emisare, which includes library board member David Blair, will design, produce and coordinate printing of the exhibit folio.

During this fall’s High Point Market, the library’s hours of operation are 9am to 5pm, Oct. 16 – 20, which includes the trade show’s opening weekend. Market attendees may take a Go Anywhere shuttle for a short drive from the Main Transportation Terminal downtown to the Bienenstock Furniture Library. Limited parking is also available behind the library building.

After Market dates, the library is open to visitors Monday through Friday, from 9am to 5pm, and is closed daily from 12 to 1pm. For large group appointments or guided tours, contact Karla Jones at 

The exhibit is expected to remain open through this fall.

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